Knowing about Hair Transplant procedures before you actually get one

Full Procedure of Hair Transplant Surgery


    If you have fought hair loss and it is not taking a U-turn, then a hair transplant is the best solution before it is too late. Let’s have a good short conversation about a hair transplant in Jalandhar.

    What is a hair transplant?

    It is a surgical method of eliminating hair loss in both men and women. The surgery is associated with risks and complications that can be prevented if a profound clinic with experts is visited. It involves removing hair from one side of the scalp and then implanting it into the slits made in the recipient region. There are mainly two types of hair transplant techniques, i.e. FUE and FUT that can be conducted in one sitting or more.

    Before a hair transplant procedure, a patient is advised to have a consultation with the surgeon in order to know the pros and cons of this technique. A man or a woman should visit a trusted a doctor because many doctors tend to leave the procedures in the hands of technicians and nurses that are not experienced and qualified. This has led to many complications that include infections, bleeding and having a hair transplant revision.

    The Follicular Unit Extraction method will not leave a linear scar, but only tiny scars that are less visible whereas the Follicular Unit Transplantation will leave behind a linear scar. After the surgery, a patient goes back to the clinic after two days to remove the bandage and wash the scalp. The implanted hair will fall out after a month and new hair that will continue growing will be seen.