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There are many solutions to stop hair fall problem but these solutions depend on the causes of hair fall. Use of best quality shampoo and conditioner is not solution of the hair loss problem. Today many persons (male or female) follow hair transplant. Hair transplant is one the technique, in which hair are restored again. If any male/female is suffering from the baldness problem then hair transplant treatment is best solution for him/her. Hair transplant is MODERN TECHNIQUE to restore the hair. In India there are many hair transplant centres. In our Asghairtransplant Centre, we are offering best hair transplant services in India with natural looking results.

Hair Transplant Techniques

FUE Hair Transplant_50x47

FUE Hair Transplant

In this technique we take hair from the back of the head and then transplant to the bald area.

FUT Hair Transplant-500×47

FUT Hair Transplant

In FUT hair transplant it is also called the strip surgery. In this we can take the hair from the back of the head but in the form of strip.

Body Hair Transplant-50×47

Chest / Pubic etc Hair Transplant

In Body Chest / Pubic etc Hair Transplant we take hair from the body parts like chest, under arms, legs and pubic area.

Beard-Mustache Hair Transplant-50×47

Beard / Mustache Hair Transplant

For men, who are not having hair on their beard and mustache, can get hair on these areas as well, through hair transplant.

Eyebrow-Eyelash Hair Transplant-50×47

Eye- Brow/ Eye-Lash Hair Transplant

Some people are not having hair on their eye-brows and eye lashes. Such people can also go for hair transplant in these areas of face.

Hair Care Tips

  • 1. One of the reasons of hair fall is stress, and if we reduce stress in our life than the hair fall can be controlled.
  • 2. Avoid brushing the wet hair.
  • 3. Consume some good diet because usually the diet which we take it has no essential nutrients for hair so if we want to avoid hair fall then we have to consume good diet. So you can consult nutritional specialist for the right amount of diet for your hair. Neither nutrient in more amounts nor in less amounts should be taken.
  • 4. Don’t wash hair with too much hot water as that cause also a lot of problem or damage to your hair.
  • 5. Avoid the dandruff in your hair because due to dandruff the hair fall starts and that loads of problems begin.
  • 6. Expose of hair to heat also cause damage to hair. In case of females, the use of hair straightners also cause a lot of damage to the hair.

Success Stories

What Happens In FUE Hair Transplant?

In FUE hair transplant we take hair follicles from the back of the head that is called the donor area and then we transplant that hair to the bald region of the head. In case where the donor area of the patient has less hair than we go for Chest / Pubic etc Hair Transplant that is one of the best option for those who have less donor area then we take the hair from the other parts of the body like chest, beard, under arms and pubic hair.

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