A New Hair Protein Test To Help You Eliminate Hair Loss

A New Hair Protein Test To Help You Eliminate Hair Loss


    Hair fall or hair loss tends to be a complicated issue, most especially when the trigger is unknown. The daily stress, lifestyle, medical conditions, medications, hormonal changes, and eating disorders generally contribute to hair loss. On the other hand, the issue of androgenetic alopecia tends to manifest itself earlier in life regardless of how healthy one is. This type of hair loss is known to run in families and whether healthy or unhealthy, young or old, androgenetic alopecia still manages to attack a number of patients.

    However, the latest hair protein test is an effective approach to analyzing the health state of your hair. This test is performed in a state-of-the-art facility by the doctor after which, your hair loss treatment is defined.

    How is this test Performed & How Can It Help Treat Alopecia?

    The test requires a patient’s hair follicles, which are then analyzed in a laboratory. The test mainly considers the oxidation state of your hair follicles and whether the hair proteins are altered. In case the test indicates any lesion, the doctor will specify the right hair loss treatment to correct it.

    Another hair examination is taken after three weeks of your treatment and in case it reveals any effective result, the treatment is continued and the opposite is true. In addition, in case the test reveals that the state of the hair follicles results from age or history, specialized treatment is still provided to help a patient re-grow healthy hair.

    This protein test is an effective way of treating alopecia with the fact that human hair is made up of proteins. Symptoms of protein deficiency are generally observed from a pale skin, brittle nails, weak hair or hair loss. Doctors stress that a protein deficiency will make the body obtain proteins from the skeletal muscles as a way of preserving the cells.

    Although this may look okay, the muscles are affected in the long run. Similarly, a lack of proteins can affect the immune system which makes one prone to infections.

    When it comes to the health of your hair, a protein deficiency openly leaves your hair at stake. This is because our hair follicles are made up of proteins and a lack weakens them and causes extreme hair loss with time.

    The new protein test will definitely help patients evaluate their protein intake in order to save their hair follicles. The test is quick and certainly accurate.