What is female pattern hair loss? Can I except it same as male pattern baldness?

What is female pattern hair loss?


    Hair loss is most common in females as compared to males and female pattern loss in a condition similar to male pattern hair loss but the pattern of loss can differ in both.

    Mostly women after menopause start losing their hair and it can be hereditary or even can be caused due to hormonal imbalance. Let us have a look at female pattern hair loss, its causes and how it differs from male pattern baldness?
    What is it?

    What is it?

    It is the hair loss condition in which the growing phase of hair follicles becomes slower than normal growing phase means hair follicles take the longer time to grow. Even in this condition hair follicles get shrunk so lead to thinning of hair so lead to hair damage easily.

    Female pattern hair loss can be of three types

    1. Type 1 is mild thinning of hair around the parts.
    2. Type 2 is widening of thinning part and hair loss
    3. Type 3 is hair loss at the top of the head

    Is it similar to male pattern baldness?

    Is it similar to male pattern baldness?

    Female pattern hair loss is a similar type of men pattern hair loss but the condition of hair loss differs in both. In males, generally frontal hairlines start moving back and males have hair loss in the crown areas under the male pattern hair loss condition.

    Opposite to that females do not have moving back frontal hairline and they lose their hair from all over the head. Females have hair loss in the temple areas.

    Males even can go completely bald with pattern hair loss but females are less likely to lose their complete hair but they suffer from overall thinning of hair.

    Causes of female pattern baldness


    Causes of female pattern baldness

    Most prominent reason for female pattern hair loss is genes as they inherit this condition of hair loss from their either parent. Other than this there can be various other reasons for hair loss in females like endocrine condition, hormone-secreting tumour, irregular periods and many others.

    If you are suffering from progressive hair loss then you must consult your doctor for the adequate treatment option to reverse the problem.
    Can I get rid from it?

    Can I get rid of it?

    This condition of hair loss is not reversible but effective treatment can help you to get rid of progressive hair loss and even some medications can help in the growth of hair follicles. If you are suffering from this issue then you must seek for hair transplant surgeon for having the permanent solution for this problem.