Hair Transplant: Does hair transplant results in permanent hair growth?

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    The hair transplant procedure is the best hair loss treatment and it is the cosmetic treatment which is on peak these days. Because the majority of people are suffering from hair loss problem due to many reasons.

    Many people ask us about the results of this process whether hair transplant in Punjab offer you permanent hair growth or not. Well, this procedure totally gives you natural look with permanent hair growth.

    Does hair transplant results in permanent hair growth?

    Yes, of course, this treatment not only offers your natural look and effective results but also results in permanent hair growth. In addition to this, this procedure is performed with your own hair grafts which makes this procedure more successful and popular among people of each age group.

    Well, the results of hair transplant depend on some factors such as your health condition, number of hair grafts which are transplanted at the affected area, and experience and skills of your surgeon. If you are suffering from any type of scalp infection and other problems, then you must go with the treatment first.

    Procedure and types of hair transplant

    There are two types of hair transplant procedure include FUT and FUE. These both types are safe and offer you effective results with natural-looking & permanent hair growth. In addition, the procedure of hair transplant is Same for both treatment options.

    Let’s have a look at both the treatment methods of hair transplantation.


    The FUE is a completely new and advanced technique, that is additionally known as Follicular Unit Extraction. This is a well-known treatment option for baldness in which your surgeon, first of all, prepares the donor area and then take every single hair from the donor area where you actually have enough hair growth. In addition to this, this entire process is performed carefully without the strip harvesting method, because the strip harvesting method leads to scarring and some other type of side effects. Moreover, FUE hair transplant method is popular for successful results with permanent hair growth.


    The FUT technique is a totally conventional method for hair loss which is additionally known as follicular Unit transplantation. The procedure of this method is totally similar to FUE hair transplant method but in this method, your surgeon collects the hair grafts with strip harvesting method. No doubt, this treatment method also gives you the natural look and permanent hair growth.

    Benefits of Hair Transplant

    There are several benefits of hair transplant surgery include-:

    • Safe procedure
    • No changes in the texture of your hair
    • Minimal scars
    • Natural looking hair with permanent hair growth