Is it true that undergoing the treatment of hair transplant is safe and permanent?

Is hair transplant safe and permanent - ASG Hair Transplant Centre Punjab


    Dealing with hair loss is not the best thing to deal with and when it starts getting in excess it can become even more difficult. Well, in that case, the treatment of hair transplant is the best option. This is one of the best methods as compared to the other options. 

    Hair Transplant Procedure

    A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that helps in giving safe and permanent results. This is the reason the demand for Hair Transplant in Punjab is increasing every year. With time, the surgeons have also perfected in this procedure. Make sure that you choose the surgeon who is experienced and skilled as it will help you get the desired results you are looking for. If we talk about today the surgeons have practiced the art of doing the treatment in the best way possible and also there is the use of new technology and methods.

    Is this procedure new?

    Well, this procedure has been in demand for quite a long time now for both men and women. The best part in that this procedure demand is increasing every year.

    Does the procedure really work?

    • Yes, in most cases the procedure works effectively. In the treatment, the hair follicles are taken from the donor area which is back of the scalp as the growth is proper. So, it means own hair is taken which are then transplanted to the problematic area. Throughout your life, the hair will grow permanently and most importantly they look natural.
    • Moreover, you do not have to worry about getting the hair-thin or losing them again. Once the hair grafts are transplanted they will stay there for a lifetime. You can even get the hair restored if you have lost hair due to injury. The patients who have undergone the treatment of chemotherapy or taking medications due to some health conditions.

    If you are planning to get a hair loss solution then the option of hair transplant is going to give you permanent and successful results. In simple words, the problem of hair loss will be solved.

    Permanent results with hair transplant

    The results are permanent with the hair transplant procedure. According to your hair loss problem, the surgeon will give you the appropriate treatment plan which will help to solve your problem completely.

    After 3 months, the hair will start growing back again and the best part is that they match with your existing hairline properly. The hair growth will in the same direction as your already existing hair.

    Take proper

    After the surgery, it is important that you take proper care of yourself. Take the necessary medications on time and follow the instructions given by your surgeon. There will be swelling and numbness after the surgery which will go away in 2 weeks.