Different Types of Hair Loss and Treatments Available

Treating the hair loss problem


    Hair loss is something that is considered part of the aging process. In some cases, this problem comes at a young age which is quite difficult to deal with. But, why does this happen with individuals? In this article, we are going to share different types of hair loss and how they can be treated.


    In case the issue is not reversible or it has gone in excess then the doctor suggests the option of hair transplant. A hair transplant is considered one of the safest and effective methods in solving the hair loss condition. This is why more people are opting for the Hair Transplant in Punjab.

    In the surgery, the hair follicles are taken from the back of the scalp and then they are transplanted where hair growth is very less. The regrowth of hair looks natural and once they are transplanted they grow there for a lifetime. Make sure you follow the surgeon’s instructions to see the desired results.



    Minoxidil is topical medicine given over the counter (OTC). This helps in treating the problem of male pattern baldness. In the case of women, this medication helps in dealing with hair thinning. It is applied directly to the scalp 2 times. Once the therapy is started with this it should continue as prescribed by the doctor. If you do not use it as prescribed then the hair fall will start again.


    This medication helps in preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the body. DHT helps in the development of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). This helps treat hair loss in men. This medication is only prescribed to the men.

    The medication is taken with a full glass of water and at the same time each day. To get the best possible results it should be used every day for 3 months. For best results, take the help of the doctor as they will let you know exactly what needs to be done.

    Types of hair loss

    Telogen Effluvium

    This is the second-most common type of alopecia and known as TE. This hair loss type is due to atmosphere and anxiety. This type can occur at any time in your life and effect in different ways. In this case, the hair becomes thinner. Once its effect is over the hair starts growing back.

    Grip Alopecia

    This hair loss is the roots that are drawn from the scalp. If this is done for a long time then the hair can be impacted negatively and the hair will expand back at some point. This type is more common in people who use hair weaves as it pulls the natural fibers from the hair.

    Alopecia totalis

    This is a more severe condition that can lead to loss of hair from the entire scalp or the body. This is an autoimmune problem and affects the entire body.

    Alopecia Areata

    In this case, the hair fewer areas can be small or huge. The pattern of hair loss is diffused throughout the body.

    Consult the doctor

    Make sure you seek help from the doctor when the problem starts getting in excess or hair loss does not seem normal.