How to handle Alopecia Barbae Problem?

How to handle Alopecia Barbae Problem


    Beard hair loss or alopecia barbae is the disease which makes it difficult for the men to deal with hereditary balding. No doubt, most baldness affects the beard and it does not have the same hair loss pattern and bald spots can occur anywhere. Read the given topic to learn how to handle alopecia barbae problem.


    Technically, the hair loss is called alopecia, and barbae is known for the beard. The problem can leave coin-sized bald spots on the scalp. Due to alopecia, the upper lip, beard on the temples or cheeks, neck, or chin can get affected.

    Medically, the beard hair loss is suspicious and it can result in circular hair loss. This type of disease is similar to other hair loss issues which can affect different body parts.

    If you are struggling with this condition, then you should visit the medical expert to get the treatment of a hair transplant.

    Comparing with other hair loss types

    The hair loss can be categorized into 3 different types which include:

    • Androgenetic or Hereditary Hair Loss
    • Diffuse hair loss
    • Circular hair loss or alopecia areata

    Hereditary hair loss is not the disease, but it is linked to hormonal changes in the body. In the case of men, this problem is more common and visible with age. The hair will start falling on the forehead and followed by the upper and back of the scalp.

    In women, hereditary hair loss occurs at the top of the skull. If the person has diffused hair loss, the hair density declines and the hair becomes thin. The problem can occur due to a lack of nutrients, stress, medications, or infection.

    Circular alopecia is an autoimmune condition that affects the beard. The problem occurs because it results in disturbances in the body.

    Beard hair loss occurs due to dysregulation in the Immune system

    Well, the exact reason for the beard hair loss condition is not clear and why the dysregulation occurs in the body. The hair follicles get affected which results in inflammation and make them weak, and the hair growth is stopped.

    What are the causes of Alopecia Barbae?

    Some of the possible causes of alopecia barbae include:

    • Family hereditary predisposition
    • Malnutrition
    • Down syndrome
    • Emotional stress
    • Medicines, alcohol, chemicals

    What are the possible treatment options?

    Undergoing the beard hair transplant is the perfect option for the patients. The hair follicles are taken from one part and then transplanted to where hair growth is extremely less. The best part of the treatment is, it helps to give the best results and the regrowth is natural. Moreover, the healing also occurs on time and the patient can get back to the normal working routine within a few weeks or as suggested by your doctor. For an effective treatment plan, schedule the appointment with our doctor today only!