Which factors create a significant impact on the cost of hair transplant?



    Many people nowadays take up hair transplantation to get rid of hair loss problems. But the ones who have not even gained sufficient information about the Hair transplants are worried about the costs of the procedure. But it is for the knowledge of all the people who are concerned about the cost of the hair transplant in Punjab that it is not at all an expensive procedure. Rather the cost is affordable and if one wants to estimate the same, then he can consider the following factors:

    • The baldness of the patient

    The dimensions of the bald area of the individual help in deworming about how many grafts are to be transplanted per square of a centimetre.

    • How many grafts are required?

    The density of the bald area will help to determine how many grafts are to be extracted. Some clinics change for each graft. While others take into account the overall procedure while determining the cost for the same.

    • The technique which will be used

    There are so many techniques for hair transplantation. The type of technology impacts the overall cost up to 70%. There are three types of procedures which are as follow:

    • Follicular Unit Extraction
    • Follicular unit tarsnpantion
    • Bio FUE

    The costs of the different procedures vary from clinic to clinic.

    • Location also matters

    The location is deemed to impact the package of the procedure significantly. If the clinic is situated in the main market or the place which is easily approachable and thus encounters huge traffic, then there is a probability that it would charge higher as compared to the clinic which is located in the rural area or the residential area. Because people are of the view that if the clinic is a residential area, it is not worth approaching.

    • Qualifications

    The qualifications of the doctor matter a lot. Since a doctor tends to charge higher if he is experienced than the others.

    But if he does not have the required experience or is non-trained, then there are chances that he would not be charging higher, since he knows that nobody will approach him based on his qualifications and experience, but if he world deduct the cost of the overall package, then the patients will surely feel tempted to vis him.

    • Technology

    The technique which is to be used to carry out the procedure uses the technology. So it is required to make sure whether the clinic is making use of the updated and modified technology or not. The use of this type of technology also produces a significant effect on the overall cost.

    • The type of the staff

    If the clinic will be having staff that has the highest qualifications in their respective fields, then the charges will be high as they are providing a high-class environment.


    There are so many types of the procedures which are used in the hair transplant. Each one of them has a unique budget and overall package which is affected by a large number of factors.