Getting a Beard Hair Transplant to become trendy

Getting a Beard Hair Transplant to become trendy


    It is not the major reason as to why men go in for a Beard hair transplant, but the fact is that it is the new trend. Personal desires also have a huge role to play. A beard hair transplant surgery is a procedure where the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and its equipment are used to harvest hair from the scalp and then implant it into the beard region. The main reason can be for reconstruction purposes or enhance the existing beard.

    From a conducted study, it was found that beard or body hair should not be used to reconstruct a hairline since this particular type of hair is softer. It was also found that beard hair is better than the body hair because it creates a denser coverage. Other factors to be considered before a surgeon transplants hair in the beard region are;

    • The color of the hair
    • The appearance of the hair: Hair on the scalp may tend to be straight and won’t look natural on the beard
    • The recipient site hairs must also be looked at

    What to expect after a beard hair transplant

    There can be few risks to face after the surgery, but an expert will help you to avoid complications such as;

    • Infections
    • Scarring

    For the case of bruises, pain, redness and swelling, they disappear as healing goes on.