Male Pattern Baldness- Its Introduction And Permanent Solution



    Male pattern loss is the severe health problem. Men with the full head and awesome body make the man more sexy and stylish. There are numbers of the male pattern treatments available range from the medication to wear the wings. Wings are the temporary solution for the male baldness.

    Define male pattern baldness?

    Most of the men lose their hair due to androgenic alopecia. This is commonly known as the male pattern baldness. This is caused due to the hormonal and genetic factors. In this problem, you lose your scalp with thin 2 to 5 years. In the starting stage, you lose the hairline, after that, you will be followed by the thinning of the hair. At last, you left with the thin covering of hair on either side of the head.

    It has been estimated d that it has affected the 50 million people of the United States. Initially, this problem starts with the hair loss. Then it takes the form of M shape. Sometimes, hair loss is in a continuous manner like hair loss from the top of the head, sometimes, it is from the rear and sides of the head. In the end, you are left with the complete baldness. If you are suffering from the male pattern baldness, then don’t feel embarrassed. There are numbers of the treatment that can reduce the male pattern baldness.

    What is the permanent solution of the androgenic alopecia?

    You can reduce the male pattern baldness, by taking the proper medicines. Don’t take medicine from yourself.You can take the medicines with the proper prescription of the dermatologist.

    TRY MINOXIDIL: This is the one of the approved treatment for the male pattern baldness. This is the natural solution which facilities the hair follicles to grow and it is applied directly on your scalp. This will reduce your hair loss problem. The side effects of this treatment are the itching, skin rash, acne, burning, swelling etc. There may be the sometimes blurred vision, chest pain, dizzying etc.

    Consult your doctor for taking finasteride: Finasteride is the oral pill and it is more effective than the other medicines. This is used to slow down the hair loss. The side effects of the finasteride are chills, cold sweat, dizziness, swelling in the legs, erectile dysfunction etc.

    Take a hair transplant: The next permanent solution to the male pattern baldness is to get the hair transplant. In this technique, tiny patches are taken from the one part of the scalp and transplant in the other part of the scalp where there is male pattern baldness. Hair transplant in India is done in the various different sessions. In order to get the best hair transplant for men, you have to consult the best hair transplant surgeon . Male pattern baldness hair transplant is the expensive treatment. But its results are amazing. Most of the celebrities who suffer from the male pattern baldness usually take the hair transplant treatment in India. It is now common among the general public also.

    During the hair transplant, local anesthesia is given to the patient. There are thousands of the hairs are transplanted in the one session. The side effects of the hair transplant are scarring, bleeding. Sometimes, there may be the risk of the infection.