Understanding Relationship Between Alopecia Areata And Infection Outbreaks On Teeth

Understanding Relationship Between Alopecia Areata And Infection Outbreaks On Teeth


    Alopecia areata is the condition of hair loss in which patients can experience one or more round bald patches on his scalp and it is the autoimmune disease. During this condition, the immune system of the person starts attacking the hair follicles and forces them to fall before their maturity. Sometimes in this condition patients also experience the loss of beard, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

    It is obvious that people suffering from alopecia areata go for hair loss treatment but these days experts have also claimed that people suffering from this autoimmune disease also go for their oral health checkups as some studies have proved that there is close relationship between alopecia areata and teeth infection means the person suffering from one type of hair loss also can suffer from the teeth infection.

    Researchers even advice the patients of this condition to go for their oral checkups even if they have not noticed any sign of tooth infection as there can be great chances for the same. As per the experts, people should visit the dentists after noticing the bald patches on their scalp as this autoimmune condition starts from the scalp and then affects slowly to the rest of the body.

    However, after the complete alopecia treatment, the hair follicles start growing back means the hair loss caused by this problem is temporary in nature but there are many chances of re-occurrence of this condition.

    Infection Outbreaks On Teeth Due To Alopecia Areata

    As per the studies there has been close link noticed between hair loss and teeth infection in this type of condition as this is the autoimmune disease so the immune system of the body becomes overactive and starts attacking the cells of the body including the hair follicles and forces them to fall. Soon the immune system also destroys the white blood cells of the body and cause inflammation that can be the reason for infection in the body.

    After the bald patches on the scalp, the overactive immune system starts attacking the rest of body due to which patient may also lose facial hair like beard, mustache, eyebrows or eyelashes and even can have an infection on teeth.

    Thus experts have claimed for the unpredictable development during this condition and even if the patient’s hair grows back then can be weak and brittle so can easily fall again. Even the researchers have claimed for the unpredictable consequences of this condition including the bad oral health.