Tips To Care for Curls After Chemotherapy

Tips To Care for Curls After Chemotherapy


    Having breast cancer is quite saddening. The fight for cancer is quite a long one. The women who are suffering starts losing their hair. But, the fight for hair loss doesn’t quite stop here, only. It goes on even after the chemotherapy sessions are over.

    The curl in the women having curly hair changes to straight hair, post-treatment, and the women faces lots of issues. Because straight and curly hair is very different from each other.

    Chemotherapy is a process which brings with it many side effects and one of the major side effect is having hair loss. Here we will read about taking care of curls post-chemotherapy session.

    How to Care for Chemo Curls

    The new hair which you have got post-chemotherapy sessions might look like a perm which went wrong. But, there are ways of treating it.

    • You can apply mild or baby shampoo while washing your hair.
    • Try to massage your scalp so that circulation is boosted and also to remove dry, skin.
    • Don’t forget to use that conditioner of yours.
    • Dry hair by blotting with a thick, towel. If you are fond of using a hairdryer, then see to it that it is in the lowest setting.
    • Be careful of using styling products, because these can do more damage than good to your locks.
    • Avoid brushing your hair very hard and also comb slowly, to avoid any kind of damage to your hair follicles.
    • Reduce straightening irons for some time. The heat present in these products can pose danger to your scalp.
    • Please don’t bein the rush for coloring or perming your hair. You can wait until they grow up a little. Because permed or colored hair can be very dangerous for you.
    • In case you badly want to cut short your hair, then you can try cutting them an inch long, but not more than that. Best time to get your hair short would be when they are at least 4–5 inches long. This way all your dry, brittle hair will also be cut short. Otherwise getting a trimming done once a while is also not a bad idea.


    Just modify your products a little bit and see the difference they make to your hair. Avoiding heat generating products, switching over to baby shampoo, massaging the hair, can prove very good for your hair’s health.