Never Go for A Cheap Hair Transplant, It can prove more costly than you think

Never Go for A Cheap Hair Transplant, It can prove more Costly Than you think


    Due to the popularity of hair transplant, these days there is a number of clinics that offer this treatment at lower prices to just attract the more patients so it is obvious that patients get attracted towards the cheap hair transplants as we all seek for the cost optimization. But you need to be extra careful while choosing the lower price hair transplants as these can be proved as expensive one if you will ignore the quality and safety for saving a few bucks.

    Let us discuss in detail what may happen when you choose the cheaper hair transplant to save your money

    Bad Outcomes

    It is the first risk taken by you while choosing the cheaper hair transplant surgery as in the cheaper treatments clinics do not bother about the final results and patient’s safety and satisfaction as they just focus to attend more patients to earn more profits. The clinics that offer the cheaper hair transplants are run by the inexperienced and unauthorized professionals just to earn profit not to give best services so they cut down the cost of surgery by compromising the quality of the treatment.

    Less Transplantation

    Clinics that usually offer the low-quality transplants do not bother about the reliability and ethics so it may happen that such clinics may promise you to give 4000 grafts in a session but actually they give only 3000 as they take figure 4000 grafts only for the records but actually they cheat the patients by transplanting the fewer grafts to save the cost

    Extra Extraction

    Such clinics may also extract the extra grafts from the donor area but due to lack of experience, the surgeons could not have the optimum use of the extracted grafts so can increase the wastage of donor grafts due to which you could have scarier and less dense donor area after surgery.

    Do Not Bother For Final Outlook And Survival Of Grafts

    Such clinics hire the inexperienced and unskilled professionals for the surgery just to lower their costs due to which patient may suffer as only the experienced surgeon can give you the best outlook by utilizing his artistic skills and best medical knowledge but the unskilled doctors do not take care about the direction, depth and distance of grafts while transplantation and even they do not try to minimize the trauma to grafts while out from the body due to which patient could not have the natural and lifetime growing hair after surgery.