Is Hair Transplant On A Burn Scar A Viable Option?

Is hair transplant on a burn scar a viable option


    Hair transplant is the process of filling the area where the hair growth is very less or the hairs are very thin. Hair transplant surgery is not only performed on the scalp, but it is done on facial hairs also. There are many cases of the patient’s who are suffering from burn injuries on the scalp. The patient is already going through such a hard time and then the surgery makes it even more difficult. The treatment is possible if the patient is suffering from first or second-degree burns. There are some factors which will determine whether the surgery can be performed or not:

    • The size of the burned area.
    • The severity of the burn
    • If the burn scar is not treated within some months then it is difficult to perform surgery.

    How Is The Treatment Done?

    The treatment can be done in two possible ways which are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular unit transplantation). Both of the ways are same for hair transplant. The burn case may require several years to get it done properly. The treatment is performed in different stages to check whether the patient is able to respond to the treatment or not.

    There are possibly two stages:

    • At first stage, hair transplant is done at low density to provide the hair follicles the time for proper growth.
    • If the treatment is effective after some years, the doctors will increase the density of the hairs.

    In both the treatments hair follicles are taken from the scalp where the hair growth is maximum. Because the tissues that stimulate hair growth are healthy there and it will help to treat the affected area properly. The number of grafts which are required in the treatment will depend on the case of the patient.

    Cost Of The Surgery

    It is not easy for everyone to get this treatment. The surgery costs around $4000 to $15000. There are many patients who cannot pay such a big amount and the health insurance rarely covers the amount. Because the insurance consider hair surgeries as cosmetic.

    What are The Precautions?

    After the treatment, you should take proper care of the affected area. Cover your scalp properly and don’t wear any satin material. In case you feel redness or itching around the area consult the doctor.

    The wound will get healed properly in two weeks. Make sure you eat healthy foods which will boost your immune system.