Never Do These Mistakes If You Are Facing Acne

Never Do These mistakes if you are facing acne


    The problem of pimples is not only for teens. It can occur at the age of 30 or even 40. The reason for acne is due to stress, hormonal changes, and pores clogged by bacteria, and oil. There are different treatment options available for acne treatment. Sometimes the acne can leave scars on the face when you touch or scrub your face. You can also consult the dermatologist for acne scar removal treatment. But it is best if you avoid some things when you are facing the problem of acne.

    • Don’t squeeze your pimple

    If your area continuously picking and squeezing you are simple then it will definitely harm your skin. It will cause scarring and the healing time will take even more time. This happens because when you are continuously pushing the pimple it will get deeper into the skin, which will make the blemishes even more worse. Sometimes, it is very hard to avoid touching your skin. It is better to give it proper time to heal on its own.

    • Stop Scrubbing

    One of the first thing you should keep in mind that don’t use any harsh skin care routine when you are facing the acne problem. Avoid using harsh scrubs, exfoliating pads and any type of harsh cleanser. Continuously scrubbing and cleaning will do more harm. Your skin will look very red in color. Use a gentle skin care routine to avoid any type of problem.

    • Avoiding Moisturizer

    The person who is facing the problem of acne will have very dry skin and especially if you are using retinoids to prevent the problem. Some people fear that using moisturizer can make the problem worse. But it is best to use a ‘noncomedogenic’ moisturizer as it will keep your skin healthy and it also prevents clog pores.

    • Washing face

    Doctors suggest that washing your face again and again could lead to breakouts. It also depends on the type of cleanser you are using. It is better to use a different cleanser for winter and summer time. Avoid washing your face with salicylic acid as it will make your skin more dry and red. This also helps bacteria to get inside your skin surface.

    • Skipping Sunscreen

    This is one of the biggest mistakes and it also gives rise to many other problems. Your skin needs protection from the UV rays and using acne medicines can also burn your skin. Use a noncomedogenic sunscreen and it does not contain any type of chemical. Use a sunscreen that contains SPF 30 or more.