Reasons Why India has Mass Appeal for hair transplant

Reasons Why India has Mass Appeal for hair transplant


    Many people suffer from the problem of hair loss at some point in their lives. Some might experience the problem very less and the hairs grow back after some time. On the other hand, some people face the problem in excess which means they are losing hairs at a very speed which eventually leads to balding. In this case, the issue can be solved with a hair transplant. It is one of the best and effective method to get the hairs back. Additionally, in the past few years, this method has gained so much popularity among hair loss patients. Still, the numbers are increasing every year because it is very effective. The hair transplant surgery contains two methods FUE and FUT. Some reasons why this method is gaining popularity.

    • Natural looking results

    People are opting this method because the final results of the surgery are very effective. Anyone undergoing the treatment wants that their hairs should look natural or match the hairline. Other treatments such as hair plugs do not give the most effective and natural looking hairs. Because of this, this method is becoming very popular as compared to other options.

    • Cost of the surgery

    The cost of this method of treatment can be afforded easily. The total cost depends on the amount of hair loss the patient is suffering from. Additionally, the cost of hair grafts is Rs 25 which is the starting price. The cost and number of grafts will increase if the condition is more than normal.

    • Less recovery time

    Patients are always worried that how much time the recovery will take. You don’t have to wait for too long to get back to your normal working routine. Mostly the recovery period is around one month. Additionally, it also depends on how the patient takes care and whether they are following the doctor advice properly or not. The scarring and redness go away in a few weeks. Additionally, the pain around the transplanted area can be treated very easily.

    • Permanent results

    The main aim of this surgery is that the results should be permanent which it totally give. After the surgery, the hairs are growing at a very fast pace. You will not notice hair fall. This also happens because of the two methods of transplant. FUE and FUT give very effective results. Additionally, the surgeon uses the latest technique and technology to perform the surgery. Due to this, the patients are considering this option.