Does Age Matters While Considering Hair Transplant?

Does Age Matters while considering hair transplant


    Hair loss is a common health condition that can treat many ways but the foremost and successful treatment is hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant is basically of two types, for example, FUT and FUE. This procedure is totally safe and secure but you converse with your doctor that you are able to get this treatment or not.

    Reasons for hair loss

    There are many reasons for hair loss in each age group such as a poor diet, hormonal changes, and hereditary issues. But many people are unable to get or understand the exact reason behind this problem. Many people choose medical procedures such as medications and some types of shampoos in order to treat their hair loss. But these types of solution only give temporary solutions not permanent. You should only go for hair transplantation because it gives you more natural and permanent results.

    Hair transplantation at the 30s

    Every doctor reveals the truth behind this condition that people who get hair transplantation at an early age such as their 30s are more able to grow hair fast. Because they consume a healthy diet which is useful to balance their hormones and these hormones stimulate the hair follicle growth.  Additionally, the majority of doctors suggest that the age of 30 years is the perfect age for a surgical procedure. Because at that age you will grow faster. On the other hand, they demonstrate that old age people are not the right candidate for hair transplant because their health condition is unable to balance hormones which promote hair growth.

    You should talk to your surgeon prior to surgery in order to understand the reasons behind these conditions and the results of this surgery. Hair transplant procedure includes the process of collecting the donor hair from the back of the head. And then transplant these hairs after grafting to the affected area. It is not a good idea to get this medical procedure at an old age because of low levels of hormones that will unable to stimulate hair follicles.

    Nutrition which promotes hair growth

    In addition, you should consume some healthy foods that promote hair growth and nourish your hair as well. You should consume healthy foods that are rich in protein and minerals because our hair is made of keratin which is basically a protein. Furthermore, you can also nourish your hair with essential oils such as pumpkin seeds oil, coconut oil, and castor oil. You can additionally use neem oil, honey, and Aloe Vera in order to nourish your hair to promote hair growth.