Reasons Why Body Hair Transplant Is Necessary Sometimes

Reasons Why Body Hair Transplant is necessary sometimes


    In the past few years, the method of hair transplant has evolved a lot and it has also become one of the most effective methods to restore the hair growth. One such innovative method which has been developed by the surgeons is a body hair transplant. In this, hair is taken from the chest, armpit, leg, and beard.

    Process of body hair transplant

    The method of body hair transplant is derived from FUE technique. In hair transplant surgery, the hair is taken from the scalp and then transplanted where hair growth is very less. In this, the hair is extracted from the other body parts so that they can be transplanted on the scalp. The hair grafts are extracted with the tool which is between the size of 0.75 and 1ml thick. A small incision is made in the skin which surrounds the graft and then the graft is pulled from there and then it is transplanted one by one on the scalp.

    Need for body hair transplantation

    • When the donor area growth is not appropriate

    In some patients, the availability of the donor area is not considered appropriate or the hair growth is zero. In that case, this method is used to effectively restore hair growth again. The follicular units are taken directly from the different parts of the body such as legs, beard, and arms. The technique of BHT-FUE is the best possibility for the patients either whose donor are hair is not used in the best manner or the hair got destroyed because of the use of other methods.

    • To correct the scar

    Sometimes the scars are left on the scalp after the transplant. This might happen because you not selected the best surgeon and he is was not properly qualified or experienced. While transplanting the hair he might not have used the latest technique or tools. Another reason is you might have not taken proper care after the surgery. It is very important that you should take proper care and follow the doctors prescription so that the recovery and healing of scar are proper. In that case, this extraction of body hair is necessary.

    • To treat the case of burn

    If you have met an accident of burn scalp, then also this method is very effective. With the FUE, the hair grafts will be taken from the other body parts and they will be transplanted one by one on the scalp.

    • To achieve higher density

    Your surgeon might recommend another sitting if you are not satisfied with the results or if the hair density is not achieved properly.

    It will be better if you consult the doctor as they can guide you properly about the entire procedure and the way the surgery will be performed.