Post operative Care After Hair Transplant Surgery

Post operative Care After Hair Transplant Surgery


    One of the best ways to treat the issue of hair loss is with a hair transplant. The results of the very effective and permanent also. No doubt, there are various types of hair restoration method available but its results are not that effective as well as efficient.

    There are various methods available for performing hair transplant surgery. But one thing which should be kept in mind is that the recovery process is also essential and nothing should be neglected. It is mandatory to follow the prescription which is given by the doctor as the healing process is also dependent on that. Here we have mentioned the post-operative care for different methods:

    FUE Hair Transplant

    The recovery process is not difficult. Your surgeon will give you the guidelines which you have to follow.

    • First of all, you should take off from work for 2 weeks so that your recovery is smooth. This also depends on how well your body is responding to the medications which you are taking for the healing of the wound.
    • You should not take aspirin, vitamin, or ibuprofen for at least 3 days. Only take the antibiotics which are prescribed to you so that the wound is not infected. In case, you are facing any issue then make sure you consult the doctor.
    • The shampoo and conditioner which you will use should not contain any type of harmful chemical or substance. If you are not sure which one to use then ask your surgeon to recommend you one.
    • After the surgery, you should not consume alcohol or do smoking as they will affect the healing process of the wound.
    • You should refrain yourself from doing any type of vigorous activity as it might affect the hair follicles.
    • It will be even better if you do not swim for at least 2 weeks as pool water may affect the wound.
    • In case of swelling, you can apply an ice pack around the area but not directly on the wound. If it is not going away after a few days then you should consult the surgeon.

    ATP Hair Transplant

    In the case of, Advanced tricho pigmentation treatment the results can be seen quite early. But there are also certain things which should be kept in mind.

    • You should not anything which will increase the build of sweat on the scalp such as gymming, cycling, running.
    • You should also avoid the use of hot tubs and saunas.
    • Make you cover the scalp properly as sunlight will affect the hair follicles growth.

    No matter which type of method you choose all the things are essential for every procedure.