Get rid of a thinner scalp with a permanent and natural-looking solution of hair transplant

A New Approach to Treating Hair Loss



    The world is witnessing the scientific advancements every other day now. It is not an impossible thing to beautify oneself through artificial methods like botox treatments, plastic surgeries and hair transplants. These days surgeons transplant healthy hair few at a time unlike those doll-like hair which patients saw back in the 70s and 80s. Back at that time, the hair plugs which used to be placed at the thinning area were noticeable over a period of time but the advancement in this field over a period of time has actually rectified the various shortcomings in the procedures back then. Hair transplants in Jalandhar are widely practiced and successful.

    Dermatologists have sufficient knowledge to suggest you if you are a right candidate to go with the procedure or not and are well averse with the conditions that affect your skin, nails and hair thereby concluding the reasons of hair loss and how to treat this problem.

    Who is fit to get hair transplant done?

    Both men and women irrespective of their nationality, race etc can undergo such treatments. To get the hair transplant done make sure that You have enough healthy hair on your scalp that can be transplanted to the area which needs more hair The area which is facing a thinning problem has this ability to grow hair over there.

    To get an insight of the reason of hair loss you might be asked to get a blood test done, the results of which will tell you what is going on in your body. Some patients can need a treatment called scalp biopsy. Your doctor can tell you how much improvement can be seen aftermath the treatment but for that you need to be healthy enough to take the treatment.

    There are actually two options of carrying out this surgery –

    The first one basically involves a simple way of removing healthy hair. Your doctor can remove healthy hair with a stripping method. Or he can remove single hair and then perform transplantation. This option gives you natural looking results.

    The second option helps you avoid leaving a long, narrow scar on your scalp.Although this option is a little time consuming one but is beneficial if you choose for close-shaven cuts like buzz cuts.

    After the procedure is done successfully your scalp will be bandaged and you will be given certain instructions to follow for the home care.

    When do patients see a result from hair transplant-

    In some cases, the results are witnessed between 6-9 months after surgery while it varies to 12 months for some patients.

    Another fact implies that the transplanted hair will fall out between the 2-8 weeks of the surgery which is totally normal and need not to be worried about. By the end of 3rd month, hair might even look thinner than before the surgery which again is alright and not a concern to be thought of.