5 Hair Transplant Facts & FAQs

5 Hair Transplant Facts & FAQs


    Hair Transplant is basically a kind of surgery which tends to claim that there would be the growth to the damaged hair.

    What is FUT?

    Basically there are 2 processes which can be used mainly. One is Follicular Hair Transplant (FUT). If we talk about this particular method, in this method, the skin is being scrapped along with the roots of the hair and these strips are further divided into hair grafts, in such a manner that mini hair strip can contain the follicles and it is then being stitched into the cuts. The following method is also known as strip harvesting. It is being used at a large scale and people prefer to use this method very often.

    What is FUE?

    The second method which can be used in the hair transplantation in Jalandhar is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In this, hair clusters along with the roots are generally prepared to the extraction of one by using many useful devices. Although as compared to the other method, this one is more time consuming but the benefit is that it leaves no scars on the skin.

    How does actually these hair transplant work?

    The surgery usually takes 2 to 3 hours and it can be done at the same day only. Since it involves a surgery, local treatments including the implanted follicles that allow the bald portion of the scalp to be a big part of it.

    How long is the recovery period of this surgery?

    For the first few days, it is quite possible that you may feel some of the inflammation and redness or some patches on the skin. But once you should consult to the doctor regarding the swelling or tightness or slight pain and numbness o n the skin. On the other hand you can return to your work in a day or two.

    What are the precautions you can take while this period?

    You should avoid any kind of strenuous activity. According to some of the doctors, it is advice to the patients that they should rest for some time and then continue the work. Because some of the vigorous moments such as taking alcohol can even harm them more and their health can be more chronic.