Different common questions related to the treatment of hair transplant?

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    • Is the treatment of hair transplant permanent?

    The treatment is permanent as long as you choose the best surgeon who is well-known and experienced. In that case, there will be no reason for complications and the entire process will go smoothly. The doctor will also keep in mind if the hair problem is because of genetics as it is beyond anyone’s control. During the consultation, the surgeon will find the reason and then give the best treatment plan.

    • Do the treatment works for every person?

    The treatment of hair transplantation is effective in every case. But there are some factors which can minimize the results. Certain issues like an autoimmune disorder, illness, taking medication for a long time, or lifestyle habits can affect the results. It is important to keep these factors into consideration for best results.

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    • Do the results look natural?

    As we have already said choosing the best surgeon will make a lot of difference. The goal is to give a natural appearance so that no one knows that you have undergone the surgery. After the surgery, there will be redness, scabbing, and scarring on the scalp which will stay there for a few days. Make sure you follow the doctor’s instruction so that everything goes smoothly. Once the scalp is healed no one will know that you have undergone the surgery.

    • How long it will take to get back to working routine?

    In might depend from case to case. But on average it takes around 5 to 7 days to get to normal working routine after the surgery.

    • Is it possible to wear a hat after treatment?

    You can easily wear a hat after the hair transplantation treatment. But, it would be better to wait till the time new grafts are fully integrated into the scalp. On average, the scalp heals within one or two weeks. For the best advice, consult the surgeon as they will let you know everything in a better way.

    • Does the treatment of hair transplant can cause cancer?

    The hair transplantation treatment cannot cause cancer nor there is a risk of developing cancer. If you are experiencing any illness or condition after any type of surgery inform your doctor as early as possible.

    • Can I shave the head after treatment?

    If you are planning to shave the head after surgery, then wait for 2 weeks after. This is because the hair follicles will settle properly and also the healing would be done properly.

    • Can I apply oil after transplant?

    Ask your doctor when you should get back to hair care routine like applying oil, shampooing, and conditioning. Following the post-care instructions are very essential to see the potential results of the treatment.

    • Will the transplanted hair fall out?

    Yes, the transplanted hair grafts will fall out which is normal. If you see hair falling out but there is no growth then you need to seek help from your doctor. They will check what exactly the problem is. If you are looking to get the treatment or have any question in mind then visit our surgeon and they will clear all your doubts.