Do’s and Don’ts for Successful results in the summer season

Do’s and Don’ts for Successful results in the summer season


    Hair transplant surgery is beneficial to treat hair loss or baldness. But if you are going to get a hair transplant in summer season then you must keep some things in your mind.

    But you need to visit the specialist first because he is the only person who will guide you about the do’s and don’ts. If you are getting a hair transplant in Ludhiana then you must go through some points which are mentioned-below-:

    Do’s for successful hair transplant surgery

    So, there are so many things you need to keep in mind if you are getting a hair transplant in the summer season. These include-:

    Must keep your scalp dry

    It is necessary to keep your scalp dry all the time. Because sweating is the main reason behind scalp infections, hair fall, and hair breakage as well. In order to grow healthy donor hair, you need to keep your scalp dry every time.

    Go with prescribed painkillers

    If you experience severe pain then you must take only prescribed medications. If you left it untreated then you will surely experience the chronic condition in the future.

    Apply Antibiotic cream

    After the surgery antibiotic cream is essential in order to reduce the risk of infections and swelling. These creams are also useful to avoid irritation on donor and recipient area as well. You should apply this antibiotic cream on both the regions donor and recipient.

    Necessary to follow instructions of your surgeon

    You must follow all the instructions which are given by your surgeon after the surgery. The main instructions are that you must rub the ice cubes on your forehead which is necessary to avoid the risk of swelling.

    Don’ts for successful hair transplant surgery

    There are several don’ts you need to consider for successful hair transplant surgery. These are explained below-:

    Don’t smoke and limit your alcohol consumption

    If you are a regular smoker or alcoholic and going to get the hair transplant surgery in the summer season, you must quit smoking and limit your alcohol consumption. Because these drugs contain harmful chemicals which affect your hair growth. In addition to this, these will also affect the growth of hormones because hormones are essential for hair growth.

    Don’t go in direct sunlight

    Sunlight affects your transplanted hair and hair follicles badly. In addition to this, UV rays are so harmful to transplanted hair because these lead to sweating and infection as well.

    Avoid consuming processed foods

    You should stick to healthy food because processed and oily foods are harmful to your scalp as well.

    Avoid excessive exercise

    Excessive exercise leads to sweating which is further linked to irritation and infection. So, you should avoid excessive exercise in order to reduce the risk of swelling and infection as well.