5 expert tips you should keep in mind if you are planning for hair transplant



    Hair loss is a big problem. It has not just influenced the adults but also teenagers. People often get tired trying cosmetics and chemical products but these often fail to produce results. Their application process is simple and uncomplicated.

    However, hair transplant is neither simple nor free of complications. If the treatment is carried out by a novice, then it may lead to hazardous results which could even result in death. Hair Transplant In Punjab is possible at many clinics across the state. However, you need to be careful about the choices related to it.

    A recent case is just an example of how things can turn awry during a Hair Transplant. It is the incident of the death of a 22-year-old student who opted for getting the procedure done from a local salon. Such cases of ignorance and opting for local salons can cost you your life, so be careful when you are considering Hair Transplant.

    How to get the most of your Hair Transplant-

    Choose an experienced surgeon

    Hair Transplant is a medical procedure and should not be considered a cosmetic procedure. It should be performed by the surgeons at a clinic rather than a beautician at a salon. It requires a properly trained, certified and well experienced medical professional to carry out the operation.

    Check the qualification

    As mentioned above the person performing the transplant should be a medical professional with a background in surgery. Some salons offer Botox, fillers and hair transplant at their salons. It will be foolish to opt for such professionals as they lack medical expertise. It is recommended that you approach certified professionals for the procedure.

    Don’t fall into the advertisement trap

    There are numerous ads in the newspapers, media, and clinic signboards about the unbelievably low prices some clinics offer. They offer a cheap procedure at a price that may cost your precious life, so choose wisely.

    Look at the credentials of the team

    The team performing the act should comprise of well-qualified individuals. The Hair Transplant procedure is teamwork of 5-7 people which constitutes of a dermatologist, anesthetist and plastic surgeon. Have a good look at the team of professionals who will be hired for treating you.

    Research before you take the leap

    Never compromise on the quality by ensuring that you are in the best hands. One step for doing this is to conduct proper research about the surgeon, his team and the clinic. Conduct research about the surgeon who will be the main person in charge. He should be an individual with proper credentials, a good amount of experience and a well-proven track record.

    You could even get in touch with his previous patients to get the feedback. After all, the previous patients will give you the best opinion.