What are the reasons that will tell you about the popularity of ASG hair transplant?

Why ASG Hair Transplant Centre is well-known


    ASG Hair Transplant CentreHair transplant is the best hair loss treatment that will give you the best results according to your hair loss condition. If you are struggling to get the right treatment for your hair loss, then you just visit us once, so that we can examine your condition.

    Well, ASG offers you the best hair transplant in Punjab, because we have a well-experienced and qualified team of doctors, who are always striving to give you the best treatment so that you cannot experience any problem in the future.

    Here are certain things, that will tell you why we are well-known among people.

    Well-experienced and qualified

    Here at ASG, you will meet the well-experienced and qualified team of doctors, who will always ready to offer you the best service according to your condition. In addition to this, they will first examine your condition and then recommend the best treatment option. Our all the doctors have valid experience along with proper training, in this field.

    Best treatment options

    There are two types of hair transplant treatment options available such as FUE. This is additionally known as Follicular Unit Extraction, which is a recent and advanced hair loss treatment. This treatment is quite expensive as compared to other hair loss treatments, also does not result in scarring and any other type of side effect. Since, in this type, your surgeon collects the single hair graft from the donor area. Then, he directly transplants them to the affected area.

    Proper tools and types of equipment

    Our clinic has proper tools and types of equipment to perform hair transplantation. You can directly visit us and get an idea of how we perform hair transplant for the best results. In addition to this, we have advanced technology in order to perform hair transplantation.

    Face-to-face consultation

    Our doctors offer you face-to-face consultation so that you can discuss everything with us without any hesitation. In your consultation, ewe examines your condition, in order to know and understand the reason behind hair fall. So, if you are struggling to get this treatment, you must book an appointment with us.

    Better facilities

    you may not know that our clinic offers you the best facilities so that you can feel comfortable here during your procedure. You have to stay one day in our clinic under observation. Moreover, we also provide you post-operative instructions so that you can get the best results.

    Well, if you want fuller or thick density then you have to wait for 1 year because this is completely natural treatment, that works with your own hair.