10 Questions You Should Know About Male Hair Loss

10 things you should know about male hair loss


    Hair loss condition is almost common in men of each age group. They may not be aware of the causes of hair loss. If you are also unable to understand the reason behind your condition, just visit us once. Or you can also get the information from this article which is written about male hair loss.

    Here are some things you need to know and understand about male hair loss. 

    How to know about hair loss condition?

    Well, not every type of hair loss leads to baldness or alopecia areata. These both the conditions are occurred due to genetic reasons or these are autoimmune diseases. You may experience if any family member had or has these conditions, otherwise, there is no chance of baldness or alopecia. 

    What are the reasons behind my hair loss?

    There are several causes behind hair loss such as genetics, hormonal, medical procedures, health conditions, smoking, and poor diet. You may experience bald spots on your head or patch hair scalp, but these both the conditions are a sign of excessive hair loss or baldness. 

    Is it true that baldness is caused due to emotional stress?

    Yes, it is true that baldness is caused due to stress and depression. If you are suffering from extreme emotional stress then you will surely lose your hair. 

    How much hair loss is normal for a person?

    A normal person loses 100 strands of hair in a day, but persons who are suffering from hair loss, lose more than 200. However, it varies according to the hair loss reason and health condition of a person. 

    How to treat male hair loss?

    There are several ways to treat hair loss such as oral medications minoxidil, finasteride, biotin, and surgical procedure include a hair transplant. 

    Is the surgical procedure is suitable for each age group?

    Yes, hair transplant in Ludhiana is suitable for each age group. However, if you have enough hair growth in the donor area, then you can simply undergo the hair transplant procedure. 

    Is there any side effect of oral medications?

    No, not at all, there is no side effect of oral medications such as minoxidil and finasteride. But these both the medications only give you some time relief from your problem. 

    What about a surgical procedure side effect?

    A hair transplant is a completely safe and secure procedure that gives the best results with natural-looking hair growth. There is no need to take tension about anything if you want to go through a hair transplant procedure. 

    How to treat hair loss with natural ways?

    If you want to prevent hair loss then must go with lifestyle changes such as reduce stress, stop smoking, and stick to a healthy diet. 

    Is there any need to get another hair loss treatment after the hair transplant?

    Well, no there is no need to go through any other hair loss treatment after getting hair transplantation.