What is the reason behind different hair loss pattern in men and women?

Hair fall in men and women


    Hair fall is common in men and women but this is also true losing hair in excess will affect the person’s self-confidence greatly.

    Hair loss

    Research has shown that men are more susceptible to the issue of hair fall and baldness as compared to women. People try to cover the bald spots with a hat or by wearing wigs.

    But, in most cases when they undergo the treatment of hair transplant it helps in solving the issue completely. This is true that this option helps in permanent regrowth of hair which looks natural. In case you are planning to get the treatment or facing the trouble of hair loss then talk to the best surgeon to get a reliable treatment plan of Hair Transplant in Punjab.

    Why for men Androgenetic alopecia is common?

    Permanent hair fall affects men around 70% and women by 40%. There is a huge difference between them which is quite clear but what is the main reason behind this.

    • This type is inherited genetically and referred to as male-pattern baldness. The hair fall in this condition starts with temples and with time it progresses in the back and takes the shape of ‘M’. In many cases, the hair fall can begin in the crown area.
    • In this case the in the hair follicles the androgen receptors working increases which are receptors for DHT. This results in shrinking the hair follicles and they can even make them dead. Also, the production of testosterone in men is throughout their lives. This is the reason, men tend to lose more hair as compared to women and the hair fall pattern is also different.

    The emotional aspect of baldness

    • It does not matter what is the age, baldness and hair fall affect the person emotionally also. It does leave a psychological effect on the person which in turn lower their self-esteem and they start feeling depressed.
    • In the case of women, the hair loss problem can make them think they are not beautiful or no one considers them attractive. Moreover, society at times does not accept bald women which leaves a big emotional impact on women as compared to men.

    Treating hair fall in men and women


    This is a very helpful medication as it increases the blood flow to the scalp and makes the hair follicles grow which promotes hair growth. Make sure to take them as prescribed by the doctor to get effective results.


    This helps in blocking the DHT and prevents hair fall. Not recommended to women as it can lead to birth defects.

    This is just an informative article, make sure to seek medical advice as the doctor is the right person to tell you what needs to be done.