What are the different reasons behind your excessive hair loss problem?

Different reasons for hair loss Punjab


    ASG Hair Transplant Centre Punjab: Finding hair on the comb is quite normal. But, if you see hair strands in excess then it is a matter to worry. 

    • Thyroid disease

    One of the most common causes of hair loss is thyroid disease. Whether the thyroid hormone is too low (hypothyroidism) or too much (hyperthyroidism) both can create a problem for the hair. Although once the problem is solved the issue can be reversed.

    Keep in mind if you notice the problem is not solving or nothing is helping then seek medical help. In most cases, the ideal way is to talk to the doctor for the treatment of Hair Transplant in Punjab as its results are natural-looking and last for a lifetime.

    • Hormonal Imbalance

    This is a very common cause in women for hair loss which happens in menopause or after childbirth. Well, men can also lose their hair due to hormonal changes with age. However, the main reason is genetic male pattern baldness. The hair loss due to hormones is due to the response to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

    • Medications

    Medications can result in long-term side effects and one of them is hair loss. Mostly, the patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment experience this issue. Some of the other medications are:

    – Thyroid medications

    – Some oral contraceptives

    – Beta-blockers

    – Anticoagulants

    – Anticonvulsants

    – Antidepressants

    The medications affect the person differently so make sure you talk to the doctor about the possible side effects before taking anything.

    • Stress

    Stress, whether physical or psychological, will result in hair shedding. Stress is triggered due to high fever, surgery, or blood loss which results in this issue. Pregnant women can also face the issue of hair loss.

    Studies have also shown that anxiety or mental stress can also trigger hair loss in excess. However, there are certain ways in which you can combat the issue:

    – Proper Nutrition

    – Meditation and Stress management strategies

    – Daily exercise

    – Removing the stressful situation from life

    • Nutrient Deficiency

    Hair loss is triggered when the person is facing nutritional deficiencies like zinc and iron. Along with that low intake of nutrients and vitamins also create an issue:

    – Vitamin C

    – Vitamin A

    – Copper

    – Biotin

    – Selenium

    – Fats

    – Vitamin D

    – Vitamin B-12

    • Lupus

    Hair loss also occurs due to this autoimmune disorder. In this case, the hair loss is patchy along with lesions on the scalp.

    • Additional medical issues

    Some of the other possible factors which create the problem are:

    – Liver disease

    – Diabetes

    – Renal failure

    – Inflammatory bowel disease
    Bottom Line!

    Schedule your consultation with the doctor to clear your doubts and understand what is the reason behind hair loss. According to that, they will give you a reliable treatment or Hair Transplant plan which will solve your problem of hair loss.