Is it possible to create a low hairline with hair transplant surgery?

Low hairline with hair transplantation Punjab


    Majority of patients when notice hair loss problem their see change in the hairline. In most cases, younger patients want a flat hairline.

    Creating low hairline

    The first thing to keep in mind is that flat hairlines are successful when they are created with modern hair transplantation techniques. Well, the use of 1-haired “single” follicular units creates a natural and proper hairline and other method is “dense packing”.

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    Are there any issues with low and flat hairlines?

    • In every case, the donor graft’s availability is less and the hair loss condition is progressive. If the hairline is low & flat and on the other hand the thinning continues then there are high chances the grafts will be less. Due to this, all the parts of the scalp will not be treated in the right way.
    • The method of using grafts in excess for the low and flat hairline, later running out of follicles for receded regions is known as frontal loading which is a major concern.
    • Hairlines are not perfect naturally. Even if there is no hair loss there will be an irregularity, different heights, and a slight recession area. When the hairline is low and flat it is not going to look natural.
    • The results are permanent. On a young patient it the low falt hairline might not look the best. The important factor is to create a hairline that looks appropriate at the age of 60 as it would have at 25. so, the transplanted hairline will not change and this should be kept in mind.

    When it is ideal to go with a low hairline?

    Having said that, there are times when the flat hairline is right. It includes:

    • When the hair loss is minimal and stable
    • Patients facial shape looks better with lower hairline design
    • The need for temple reconstruction
    • Need to get a second hair transplant

    Important consideration

    The higher hairline can always be lowered but it is difficult to raise a lower hairline. When the patient gets a higher hairline then hair loss is stabilized then additional treatment sessions can be done to lower it. But, doing vice versa of this is not always easy and the success factor is not guaranteed.

    What is the best choice for creating a hairline?

    The best choice here is to create the hairline which is “age-appropriate”. This looks natural in which the patient’s face is re-framed along with the right proportions. It means with age the hairline design will look the best as the person is looking for.


    In the world of hair transplant treatment, “one size fits all” does not exist so get proper information.