Is it possible to undergo hair transplant treatment with unlimited grafts?

Hair Transplantation with Unlimited Grafts


    With the technological advancement, the treatment of hair transplant has evolved a lot. There is no doubt, this treatment is considered as the best in dealing with hair loss. The method of doing the treatment has got better with time and helped the person to get the desired results they are looking for. This is the reason, the demand for Hair Transplant in Punjab is increasing gradually.

    People often think they need to undergo more than a session or limited grafts will be transplanted in a single session which can make it difficult to cover the bald spots.

    History of Hair Transplant

    Hair transplantation has improved a lot. Before that, the treatment options were not that effective as they can leave a scar on the scalp or the hair growth did not look natural. At that time, when the hair grafts were being relocated they would die which would create a problem.

    With the development in technique and equipment the pre & post care improved which helped the results to get better. This way it also helped to have a better understanding of the process. To take the follicular units the sized punctures were less and this helped in increasing the survival rate of the grafts.

    In this treatment, the hair grafts have to be taken from the patient’s scalp. No doubt, this helped in giving the natural hair density and helped the patients to get the desired results they need.

    Effective treatment of Hair Transplant

    One of the research has been done to create something special. With the use of a 3D printer, it helped to mimic the scalp skin which means it helped in showing the detailed pattern of the hair follicles.

    The problematic areas are filled before the hair follicles are added which are donated by volunteers. To grow the hair outside the human body, it took 3 months to great robust and strong hair. The hair was taken so that it can be effectively grown into the required amount.

    This way it can help the patients to get the desired hair volume they need with properly functioning cells. In that case, it is also possible that the lower hairline can be created effectively with the hair density they need. So, this way they can enjoy the youthful look they want.

    Get effective treatment

    Well, this is all about the future as the experiments which have been done are on the animals. There is still a need to perform them on humans and optimize how effective are its results. This means it is a lengthy process to complete the work and take it into action.

    There is no doubt that hair transplantation is the ideal way to solve hair fall. Just make sure that you are seeking help from the experienced and qualified surgeon as they will give you an effective treatment plan.