Is it true that hair loss happened due to Iron Deficiency Anaemia?

Is it true that hair loss happened due to Iron Deficiency Anaemia


    IDA is a condition which is caused by an inadequate iron in the body, or whether the body is unable to use iron correctly. IDA is explained as Iron deficiency Anaemia. A recent study reveals that this condition leads to several other health conditions such as-:

    • Chest pain

    • Shortness of breath and fatigue

    • Hair loss.

    Doctors are not sure why the majority of people with hair loss in their iron are ineffective. Though, according to some reports, hair follicle cells are especially vulnerable to declining iron levels and may not be able to produce new cells due to low iron stores.

    Iron deficiency anemia and hair loss

    • The most important study related to IDA and hair loss has been carried out in the field of FPH or female pattern hair loss as well as the most common form of hair loss in women, androgenetic alopecia.

    • A clinician offering the best hair transplant in Punjab says that FPH usually addresses hair thinning in the mid part of the scalp.

    • People with this hair loss pattern note a hairline blurred or receding around the forehead as well.

    • Studies show that hair loss caused by IDA is associated with hair loss and does not cause the hair follicles to become scarred.

    • This promotes hair re-growth because the follicles are not severely damaged and will bear the prospect of hair regeneration.


    According to the transplant specialist, co-occurring IDA and hair loss patients require different treatments for both conditions. He says, doctors, sundry treatments can be recommended for hair loss patients. The following are the following treatments.


    This medication is available as an up-to-date solution. Scientists think that the drug has the ability to hold hair for a longer period of time in its growth process.

    5-alpha-reductase inhibitors

    Finasteride is one such drug that helps prevent testosterone formation of DHT that prevents hair miniaturization.

    Surgical techniques

    If medications for hair loss are unsuccessful, maybe an alternative to restore hair growth with fullness and density by means of an operating technique like the hair transplantation. However, physicians have constantly researched new hair growth restoration techniques. The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) procedure, as this happens, removes platelets from the blood by a professional machine, and then injects them into the hair loss areas of the scalp. Doctors who perform the highest level of hair surgery assume platelets have considerable growth factors that can stimulate hair growth.

    Below are IDA therapies to get rid of hair fall. 

    Iron supplements

    Between 3 to 6 months, they help to recover natural levels of iron in the body. Nonetheless, before taking iron supplements, you must talk to a doctor, because sometimes these can cause severe side effects.

    Injections of iron

    Extreme anemia injections are prescribed for people to increase the iron level in their bodies more rapidly.