What are the topmost and common Myths and facts related to hair loss?

What are the topmost and common Myths and facts related to hair loss



    Hair loss is a part of the daily lives which affect people all over the world. The hair loss issue can occur due to different reasons like lifestyle, poor diet, genetics, and other health issues.

    In some cases, the issue can be reversed with time. But, in some cases, the patient needs to undergo the treatment of hair transplant in Punjab to get the effective and permanent results they are looking for.


    Common hair loss Myths and Facts

    Myth: Hair loss is inherited either from the father, mother, or grandparents

    Fact: Hair loss can be inherited from both of your parent’s genes. Some of the studies have shown that hair loss can occur due to interaction between genes that get inherited from the parents. To make sure you understand the exact reason for hair loss contact the experts.


    Myth: Hair Loss treatment do not give desired results

    Fact: This is the biggest myth that stops the people from getting the treatment for hair loss. Ideally, undergoing the treatment will help the person to have growth of hair and they can gain their confidence back. As we have mentioned above, hair transplant treatment ensures the person gets natural and permanent results which last for a lifetime. To have the natural-looking hairline undergo the treatment from the team of experienced surgeons.


    Myth: Diet does not impact hair loss

    Fact: having a crash diet or any diet which does not have the essential vitamins, iron, protein, and minerals the hair needs will impact its strength, feel, and hair appearance.


    Myth: Haircuts leads to hair growth

    Fact: Haircut will make your hair stronger or weaker. The hair is non-viable tissue which cannot be grown by simply cutting it. The hair might appear thicker with added volume but it won’t lead to hair growth in any manner.


    Myth: Regular shampooing triggers hair loss

    Fact: Shampoing is the first step to have healthy and strong hair. When you shampoo the scalp it helps to keep the locks smooth and shiny. The shampoo will only remove the hair which has been detached from the hair follicles base.


    Myth: Hat triggers Baldness

    Fact: hair follicles do not need air to breathe but they get the oxygen from the bloodstream. So, if you wear the hat it won’t result in baldness. But, wearing the hat for a long time will put pressure on the scalp which leads to traction alopecia.


    Myth: Plucking one grey hair lead to the number of grey hairs

    Grey hair occurs when melanocytes do not produce the pigment which is responsible for giving the natural hair color it has. So, if you pluck one grey hair it won’t lead to many multiple grey hairs.