Which is the best option between hair transplant, hairline lowering, and FFS?

hair transplant, hairline lowering, and FFS


    Advanced treatment for hair restoration

    The forehead and hairline make an essential part of the face appearance, so you must get the treatment done on time to deal with thin hair or hair loss. Hair transplant is one of the best treatment options to deal with hair loss. No doubt, the treatment has advanced a lot which makes it easier to see the desired results on time.

    The masculine forehead is longer, and the hairline sits back on the skull which is not with the feminine hairline. With receding hairline, the forehead has a masculine appearance.

    Different surgeons use different approaches to feminize the hairline and forehead so before you plan to get a hair transplant surgery, you must choose the best option for yourself. For a feminine transformation, it is essential to choose a surgeon who is experienced and skilled.

    What if I want to consider facial feminization?

    Female hairlines are 2 inches above the brows whereas for males the hairline is around 2.75 inches. For the FFS is essential to adjust the shape of the hairline, and adjust the forehead height. In such cases, 2-stage treatment is suggested:

    • First of all hairline lowering is required which means to shorten the height or lower the hairline of the forehead.
    • After that hair transplantation is needed to cover the scar or fill the temples, once hairline lowering is done.

    You must get hairline lowering done before any transplant. It gives thicker hair in the hairline central area. Hair transplantation makes the reliable choice of filling the temples or for receding hairline and covering the incision which the person has from the previous hairline lowering. With the FFS procedures, the time when you get the hair transplantation is important as it leaves a huge positive impact on the final results.

    To make sure you get the right information, always consult the experienced surgeon who knows, and he can guide you on which treatment plan will work best for your condition.

    How is it beneficial to get hairline lowering and FFS before a hair transplant?

    • Hair transplantation can make the hairline perfect for females, and the final look once the FFS procedure has been done.
    • Hairline lowering leaves the temple area untouched, and this makes it easier for you to get a transplant in the future.
    • It is possible to do more than one hairline lowering treatment, and the forehead height can be adjusted.
    • Hair transplantation helps in camouflage the scars which arise from the hairline lowering surgery done in the past.
    • The risk of scalp tissue death is decreased with this approach.

    Hair transplant and hairline lowering can be performed at one time

    In some cases, the surgeon can perform both these methods at one time. Your surgeon will guide you on what will be best for you to see the desired results. By doing so, the hairline will be perfect and gives natural feminine results.