Is Follicular unit extraction the best procedure for hair transplant treatment?

Follicular unit extraction the best procedure


    There are approximately 60% of men and 40% of women who are suffering from hair loss problems. This problem takes place due to the following factors mentioned below:

    • Stress
    • Lack of vitamins, mineral
    • Improper diet

    If you are experiencing hair loss problems then hair restoration is a surgical method which will help you in getting desired goals. In this, the surgeon will extract hair from the backside of the patient which is also known as the donor site and transplant it to the problematic area.

    What is FUE?

    Follicular unit extraction is a procedure where the surgeon will take out the hair of the patient one by one from the back of the scalp or different parts of the body and transplant it into the area where he is suffering from baldness or thinning with the help of surgical tools. In this tiny incisions will be created by the surgeon for the transplantation which will not leave many scars. The surgeon will do the procedure after giving the local anaesthesia to the patient.

    What are the benefits of the FUE procedure?

    • FUE is the procedure which will help you in getting the desired results.
    • There will be no scar left visible if you keep short hair also.
    • The patient will not be experiencing any pain before or after the hair transplantation surgery.
    • The anaesthesia given to a patient is the same as the dentist giving the anaesthesia to his patient.

    The transplanted hair will remain for a lifetime?

    The surgeon at ASG will first check the medical condition of the surgeon and ensure that he is a good candidate for undergoing the hair restoration treatment. FUE procedure is the best for the patient to get the desired goal. A person will get the result in one time but sometimes a person needs multiple sessions to achieve the goal.

    What is the cost of the procedure?

    The cost of the procedure depends upon the various factors mentioned below:

    • Surgeon’s experience.
    • The grafts surgeon is going to transplant.
    • Location of the hospital or clinic.
    • The facilities provided by the staff members.

    What is the technique to select the best surgeon?

    This is the most asked question by people that how we will be able to understand that the surgeon we are choosing is right for us or not. There are things you should consider before choosing the surgeon mentioned below:

    • You should ask for the qualification of the hair surgeon.
    • Check the rating, reviews of the surgeon.
    • Ask about the procedure in dept.
    • When will you be able to get the desired results?
    • Are there any complications there or not?
    • Any risk is involved in the surgery?
    • What will be the cost of the treatment?

    Above- mentioned questions are there which need to be asked by the surgeon to ensure whether he is best for you or not.