Is it true that hair transplant treatment gives a permanent solution?

Is it true that hair transplant treatment gives a permanent solution


    The demand for hair transplant treatment is increasing day by day. It came as a blessing for those people suffering from hair loss problems. Here experience, qualification of the surgeon matters a lot and will help you in getting the desired results. There are lots of other factors which are responsible for it. In this article, we are going to discuss, is it true that hair transplant treatment gives a permanent solution?

    What is the procedure?

    The hair transplantation procedure is performed by the surgeon by harvesting the hair from the back of the scalp and transplanting it into the areas where the patient is suffering from thinning or balding. To transplant the hair in the scalp of the patient the surgeon usually takes hair from the back of the scalp or different parts of the body. There are two types of procedures such as follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation.

    What are the steps to perform the surgery?

    The surgeon will perform the surgery by following some steps that are mentioned below:

    • The surgeon will shave the head of the patient where he will transplant the hair follicles.
    • The surgeon will give local anaesthesia to the patient.
    • The surgeon will extract the hair from the donor as well as recipient area.
    • To transplant the hair grafts, the surgeon will slit the recipient area of the patient.
    • Then the surgeon will transplant the hair grafts.
    • The surgeon will give instructions to the patient.
    • Follows up will take place.

    Is hair transplant provides permanent results?

    There are other types of treatments such as prosthetic hairs, wigs and much more which gives the temporary result. To get a permanent result, the person should undergo hair transplantation treatment. Here the surgeon plays a vital role in providing the permanent results to the patient. So make sure you are consulting the best surgeon near you. The surgeon will help you in getting the natural results. Transplantation of hair won’t be able to be identified by hairdresser or barber and much more. There are some factors which are responsible for the success of hair restoration treatment that are mentioned below:

    Less harm to hair follicles

    The treatment is done by extracting as well as transplantation of hair follicles. These techniques need to be done by highly-qualified as well as an experienced surgeon who will make sure that the hair follicle of the patient is not getting damaged.

    Use the right procedure

    The surgeon will recommend the procedure after examining the condition of your scalp. Always remember the FUT procedure is recommended when a person requires 3000 to 3500 hair grafts whereas FUE will be recommended when a patient needs 2000 to 2500 hair grafts.