Is the procedure of hair transplant right-minded treatment for hair loss?



    Realistic facts about hair transplantation

    Punjab: If one is undergoing perpetual losing of hairs, this needs immediate attention of the individual. Once in a while, medications or a little care towards hair can help achieve this aim. But in other cases, situations become so grave that a hair transplant is the only possible and realistic solution left. So one is intended to take up the treatment to improve his or her appearance. One should be aware of the following facts before taking up the procedure:

    • Your hair may continue to fall out

     Firstly your hair surgeon will not suggest you go for the surgical procedure if you are sensitive to a sex hormone inherited that is often DHT. Sensitivity to this hormone will lead to perceptual hair loss. Because one can tamper with the external body in case of hair restoration surgical procedure. But tampering with sex hormones that are inherited genetically is not a way. Sometimes tampering with hormones will give you adverse results.

    • You may encounter scarring

     Scaring is a common phenomenon that ought to happen after the surgical procedure. Some people may find it annoying. But scars can be hidden if there is a growth of hair. But yeah!! Then you could not shave the scared area for the sake of fashion.

    • Experience of surgeon counts

    The success rate of surgery depends highly on the experience of the surgeon. If a surgeon is a trained one and has years of surgery practicing experience, only then that surgeon could be relied on.

    • Does hair restoration create new hair?

    It is to engrave in min that hair transplantation is the procedure in which hair of a donor area is transplanted in the bald or recipient area. One must not mistake it for the procedure that helps to grow new hair.

    • In what situations, you should not proceed with a hair restoration procedure?

    Of course! There are some exceptional cases in which one must try to carry out the procedure of hair restoration and here are some of them:

    • Do not have enough donor’s hair

    If one does not have enough donor’s hair, then one should not undertake this procedure. It is an obvious fact that one must have sufficient hair in the donor area for the surgeon to extract some of them.

    • Do not expect permanency without precautions

    It is not always the case that one can enjoy the permanency of hairs without taking up any prior precautions. One is ought to follow some before care and aftercare principle precautions. If after taking up the surgery one continues to smoke or even consumes alcohol then how can he expect from hair not falling off.