How much time does it take for hair growth after a hair transplant?



    Hair transplant offers the best results

    A hair transplant is the ultimate choice for patients facing baldness and hair loss. No doubt, there is no other option that can give you the most effective results like hair transplantation does. Well, it is a one-time investment and you will notice that the results last for a lifetime.

    Growth factor varies with every patient

    The growth time of hair among the patients after the hair transplant will vary a lot. It also depends on which method the patient has opted for and the personal features are also going to make a lot of difference.

    The initial hair growth will be seen within 3 months. At this stage, the hair growth is a few inches long. Around 6 months following the treatment, you can notice the proper hair growth. New hair comes out from the transplanted hair follicles. Within the time of one year, the hair will start to become thick. Within 8 to 12 months the proper growth can be seen.

    Some people think that it is a long time. But, once you see the results everything will be worth it. Consider this time, as the last time when you will notice baldness and hair fall.

    During the recovery period, you must be following the surgeon’s guidelines. Your surgeon will tell you as per your condition what steps you need to follow to see the proper results the way you need.

    The recovery timeline is different for every person

    After the hair transplant, the recovery phase needs to be given utmost importance. On the hair follicles, there are small crust and wounds which will go back to their normal state within some time.

    After the surgery, the transplanted hair is going to fall out which is part of the process. It is referred to as shock loss which happens because of the body undergoing the surgical method. The transplanted hair follicles need at least 2.5 months to hold and grow the hair follicles again.

    Once this phase is over, the hair follicles will grow within 3 to 4 months and the results will be visible within 6 months.

    Improved treatment plan

    The treatment plan has improved a lot because the way of doing the technique has got better. Within the recovery period, you need to make sure you are following the surgeon’s instruction and taking every possible measure suggested by him. Your negligence can affect the treatment results, and you might need to wait longer to see the hair growth. In all these stages, you need to keep your calm, and the outcomes will be successful.