What are the considerable factors of a good donor area for hair transplant?



    Hair fall is a natural part of life. The problem is likely to occur due to different reasons and sometimes it will be permanent. The issue can leave bald patches on the scalp. If you are experiencing permanent hair loss, then you can get benefits through the good donor area for hair transplant in Punjab.

    With the increased demand for hair transplant, more and more people are getting benefits through this option. It helps to get back their hairline and prevent the issue of baldness.

    What are the reasonable factors in hair transplant?

    During the treatment of MPB (male pattern baldness), the donor area needs to be managed and assessed. Your surgeon will do proper planning and designing of the recipient area so that the entire process can be managed.

    With the good donor area, the bald spots and lines are covered for a lifetime. It means the issue of hair loss will be solved. Some of the factors which determine the good donor area or candidate:

    • Hair Transplant Age

    Well! There is no age limit that you can get benefits through a hair transplant. The patients after the age of 25 can choose to get the treatment. It is because the hair loss pattern by this time is formed completely. If you get it at a young age there is no way to assume how it will be in the future.

    • Determining the hair loss

    The severity of hair loss along with donor hair availability is an important consideration. To extract the hair from one part of the scalp and then transplant them to another are needed. In that case, the patient needs to have healthy hair follicles. Your candidacy will be checked once the hair loss, donor quality, and quality are checked.

    • General health

    Your overall health is an important consideration when you choose to get the surgery. You need to follow a healthy diet, follow an exercise regime, and your lifestyle preferences need to be right. Following all these things will improve the recovery time and your body will be able to heal quickly. If you have suffered any health issues in the past then make sure to inform the doctor about the same.

    Where is the donor area located?

    • Scalp hair

    It is the area from the adjoining temporal to occipital zone area which does not suffer hair loss. Your surgeon will consider it as the first option.

    • Beard hair

    Bear hair can be used as a donor’s hair. These are thick and are not affected by DHT. With this option, you are going to get good coverage on the scalp hair.

    • Chest and abdomen hair

    If the patient is facing an advanced level of baldness then this hair can be used.

    The last option is to take the hair from the extremities but this option is not preferred by the hair experts. Additionally, for women’s hair transplant, only the scalp hair is preferred.

    If you want to understand how the procedure will work for you and whether you are a good candidate or not, then consult your appointment with us without any hesitation.