Important aspects which you must know about the hair transplantation procedure



    Punjab: People are usually confused when they are not taking guidance of the professionals and theirselves trying to find out the effective treatment in case of the Hair transplant techniques. Hair transplant in Punjab by taking in view two techniques:

    • Follicular Unit Extraction
    • Follicular Unit Transplantation


    • What are the possible reasons for hair Loss?

    Hair loss is something which makes the individual go fearful. His thought process shifted to something negative. He begins to think to himself what he would look like if he has gone bald. It becomes more diverse in case of single people. They would think that they would not be able to get the dream partner owing to the hair fall.

    • Check your eating habits. If one is habitual of eating junk food and street food, then you are in grave danger of experiencing the problem of hair loss.You should make a checklist which will ensure whether you are intaking proper and required nutrition.
    • Many cases reported of hair transplantation are genetic. If any member of the family is bad or suffering from the problem of hair fall, it is quite probable that the next generation will surely experience the same.


    • If all the techniques produce the same results then why is there variation in the techniques?

    No doubt, all the techniques will result in the restoration of hair. But the way, the techniques are carried out is different. There is a difference in the performance of the techniques and the rehabilitation phase.

    • What is the important factor that needs to be borne in mind whenever making a decision about opting technique for the restoration of hair?

    Obviously, if the treatments are offered that means they have remained successful in carrying out the successful restoration of hair. But it is suitable to check or ask whether the treatment option which you have undertaken is capable of giving you the long-term results.

    • Should I deliberate with the dermatologist about the picking out of the hair restoration treatment technique?

    Yes, it is recommended to deliberate with the experienced and skilled dermatologist about the choice of the technique for hair transplantation.

    • Is there any eligibility criteria for undergoing the surgical procedure?

    Yes, there is an eligibility criteria which decides whether the hair loss patient is fit to undergo a specific procedure or not.

    • Before anything else, your age should not be less than 25 years.
    • You should not have flourished any heart disease and diabetic disease.
    • The hair of your donor zone is capable of surviving in the recipient zone.


    • Why is hair transplantation not suggested to patients younger than 25 years of age?

    It is because of the fact that people younger than 25 years of age still have chances to get rid of the problem naturally. In most of the cases, natural hair regrowth is experienced.