4 Important points taken into account before the Hair Transplant procedure

4 Important points that are vitally taken into account before the procedure


    As we know, baldness & hair loss are customary problems that can easily be treated with hair transplantation procedures. Nevertheless, if the hair loss distressed patient wants to take up a procedure to do away with the baldness, then he has to gain full knowledge about the hair transplantation procedure which is as mentioned. Hair transplant in Punjab is carried out by experienced and highly skilled surgeons and dermatologists. So let us get to know some of the preponderant facts about hair transplantation procedures:

    • Initial examination

    Firstly, the reason for hair loss should be determined. It is quintessential for the determination of the procedure which will be used to rehabilitate from the problem of hair loss. Besides, it is vitally indispensable to know whether the patient has undergone any hair transplantation procedure before or not. It is also taken into account whether the patient is fit to perform a hair transplantation procedure. For this, there is designing of special eligibility criteria which do have certain credentials satisfying on which the patient is detected whether the transplanted hair follicles will survive if implanted in the recipient zone or not.

    • The donor area will be assessed

    Donor areas will be assessed after you have satisfied all the credentials of the eligibility criteria. Mostly, the donor area which is used for the extraction purpose is the back and side of the scalp. In case, these donor areas are examined not to contain the hair follicles which are suitable to be implanted, then the other regions of the body are taken into account for extraction purpose.

    • Hair grafts will be taken into account

    The surgeon will take into account if the hair grafts required to be transplanted in the recipient zone are available in the donor zone. Because the less or more hair grafts implanted will severely cause an adverse effect to the natural look of the hair.

    • Precautions before the procedure

    Some indispensable precautions need to be taken into account before the procedure because if these precautions are not followed before the procedure then the procedure will not come up with successful results. So below is the mentioning of some of the important precautions which should not be neglected at any cost.

    • The first and foremost precautions which are quintessentially indispensable is that the patient undergoing the hair transplantation procedure should abstain from alcohol and cigarettes. If the patient does not follow such precautions, then the chances are high that their hair follicles will not survive and fall off immediately after the procedure.
    • You should not be taking any of the prescribed and prescribed medication before the procedure as it will lower the chances of the procedure being successful.

    Final Thoughts

    The hair transplantation procedure is not a complicated one unless you are following all the necessary precautions before and after the procedure which are required to cut down the complexity of the procedure. And make sure you are taking the services from a reputed and experienced surgeon.