Hair transplant – Factors that influence the total cost of the treatment

Hair transplant Factors that influence the total cost of the treatment


    The procedures of hair restoration are mushrooming these days because of the desperation of the people to flaunt their hair. Owing to age-related factors, or genetic problems the hair loss problems do come into existence. Some people think that this procedure is only for rich people since they have enough money to afford it, but it is not so the hair transplant in Punjab is affordable. In the ensuing information, we are going to make you acquainted with some of the factors that affect the average cost of a hair transplant.


    • Which clinic you are choosing?

    First of all, we would like to tell you that different hair transplant clinics do have different cost structures based on the team involved in carrying out the procedure, the experience of the surgeon and the location of the clinic. Because the clinics which are situated in the posh area are likely to cost you more as compared to ones which are located somewhere in rural areas or towns.

    • Which procedure will be used?

    As we know, there has been an introduction of multiple procedures that aim to successfully revitalise the scalp with hair growth. So one can estimate the total cost of the hair restoration by taking into account this factor. Because this factor contributes nearly 50% in determining the average cost. Following procedures doo has different cost structures:

    • Follicular Unit extraction
    • Follicular Unit transplantation
    • Bio FUE
    • Number of hair grafts used

    The dimensions of the bald area are vital for the determination of the cost since the charges which are induced by the hair transplant clinic are wholly based on the number of grafts extracted and transplanted. If you do have a little bald area, then the charges will be quintessentially low as compared to the entire bald scalp.

    • Complications

    We are aware of the fact that there are eligibility criteria for undergoing the hair transplantation procedure. If the individual is likely to administer any complication during or after the procedure, then some modifications have to be done in the procedure which will cost you a little bit extra.

    • Aftercare and stay

    The recovery period of some patients is deemed as very critical. So in those cases, there is a need to admit the patient to the hospital so that during the recovery period can be quintessentially taken care of. Because in those cases, aftercare matters the most.The cost to admit the patient will be incurred extra.

    • Anaesthesia and medications

    The cost of anaesthesia is also included in the eventual cost. Besides, the medications which will be suggested by the dermatologist also account for 20% of the total cost.


    If you have chosen the clinic, which is far away from your home, then you are advised to also consider the expenses which be incurred on travelling, accommodation and the food. So based on the above-mentioned points, one can easily estimate the total cost which can be incurred on the hair transplantation procedure.