Can I Achieve Optimum Hair Density After Transplant Surgery?

Working of hair transplant surgery


    Hair transplant surgery has evolved a lot since the beginning; it is a boon for those who are struggling with hair loss, hair fall, or even bald patches. With advancements in the cosmetic field, the surgeon can now perform Hair Transplant in Punjab with natural and desired results. Before the surgeons begin the procedure of hair transplant, they would look after the technique that will be used, the number of hair follicles, and also the number of sessions the patient would require. That being said, it is normal to have expectations when undergoing such extensive surgery, but it is also essential that it does not taint your results. You should speak with your doctor beforehand about the result and set your expectations realistically. 

    Hair Transplant Procedure And Hair Density

    Hair density is basically defined as the hair follicular unit ratio on the head per square centimeters. The density of the hair varies based on the games, ethnicity, and also climatic conditions of the area that the person lives in. The average density of hair in humans is between 80-100 follicular units per square centimeter of the scalp, which has not seen any hair loss. Thinning of hair is only visible when around 505 of the natural density of the hair is lost.

    There are specific measures that the hair transplant surgeon takes at the time of the procedure itself so that the patient would be able to gain maximum hair density. Some of those measures include taking care of the number of grafts, the direction of the placement of the hair follicles, and the pattern of hair follicles placement based on the combing style of the patients. If the real cause of hair loss is genetics, we highly recommend you not undergo hair transplant surgery at an early age, as there might be some chances of having hair fall. Younger candidates who want to experience a hair transplant and have reasonable thinning will see a good result for at least some years after the hair transplant, but the natural hair will fall out after some time. So the appearance will be of thin hair as the only hair left would be the transplanted hair. 

    How To Achieve Optimum Hair Density After Hair Transplant Surgery?

    Different procedures might affect the Hair Transplant Cost, so it would be wise to discuss this with your doctor beforehand.

    To achieve pre-hair loss density, it is necessary to have at least 80-100 follicular units per square centimeter for the transplantation to take place. A successful hair transplant from the donor site should be in between 2500-4000 hair follicles. With that amount of hair follicles, the doctor would fix the bald hair, which has around 50,000 hair loss. It basically suffices that the smaller donor area would be responsible for covering the large recipient site. So it is concluded that to achieve the hair density that you expect, a single session is not enough. Transplanting around 45-55 hair follicular units per square centimeters should be enough in one session of hair restoration surgery.