Is sweating bad for a hair transplant? What are the steps to minimize it?

Can Sweating Affect The Results Of Hair Transplant


    Sweating And Hair Transplant: What’s the relation?

    Are you planning to get a hair transplant this summer? You are planning to make the most of your summer break so that you have time to rest, and by the time you have to go back, the initial recovery phase has passed. But, yes, the factor of sweating can make it tough for you to enjoy the results of a Hair Transplant in Punjab. So, does that mean sweating can affect the results in all possible ways, and there’s nothing you can do about the same?

    Sweating is a biological activity that helps in heat regulation. Moreover, it helps in salt-based liquid expulsion from the sweat glands. It does occur when the body temperature begins to fluctuate or due to some exterior temperature. Sweating is a normal response of our body, so even if you have undergone a hair transplant, it will happen, and you need to find a way to manage the same. The management of the same is essential to ensure the recovery goes with ease and the final results that you have been looking for.

    Please Note!

    As you discuss everything with the hair restoration surgeon, you need to make yourself all familiar with the process, the Hair Transplant Cost, and recovery guidelines or know about any doubt that crosses your mind.


    Which activities increase sweating?

    Some of the scenarios that are likely to increase the factor of sweating are:

    • High sunlight absorption
    • Doing intense workout or activity
    • Getting physically exhausted
    • Interacted with the head in a direct manner

    Any of these scenario occurrences are likely to affect the hair transplant results. Being careful about the same is essential so that the chances of sweating are minimized in all ways. Just be mindful that you don’t get yourself involved in any sort of strenuous regime for 7 to 10 days so that the initial recovery phase goes with utmost ease.

    An important tip to follow after hair transplant surgery

    • Make sure to wear loose-fitting clothes so that it does not touch the scalp. Additionally, direct contact with the sunlight is not right. It’s better to wear cotton clothes as they won’t irritate the skin.
    • Don’t wipe down on sweat too harshly. Better take a paper towel and then wipe it off gently.

    When is it okay to sweat after a hair transplant?

    Sweating after hair transplant surgery should be avoided, especially in the initial phase. Additionally, it’s better that you stay at a cool temperature to ensure that everything is managed and there’s no problem of sweating.

    Please be mindful that you have to avoid doing a vigorous exercise regime after the surgery. If you do so, it increases the risk of blood pressure, which triggers sweating. So, in the initial recovery phase, you must follow an exercise regime that puts less pressure on your body.

    If there’s any doubt on your mind, then make sure to seek assistance from the health expert at ASG Hair Transplant Centre to make an all-informed choice.