Who Is The Most Suitable Candidate For Under Hair Transplant Surgery?

Suitable Age To Undergo Hair Transplant


    Hair loss is one of the most common problems that people suffer from. Both men and women find it difficult to cope with such issues.

    Statistics Of Hair Loss Members

    According to many studies, nearly two-thirds of men population experience extreme hair loss before they peak at the age of 35. Almost 85 % of men experience thinning hair by the time they reach the age of 50. And it is way more alarming than you think. There are also very few worst-case scenarios wherein the man notices severe hair loss in their early 20s. It is a fact that balding can affect people of any age group, but losing tons of hair in your 20s can be concerning.

    But do not worry; we have got the perfect solution for you!

    Hair Transplant: A “Messiah”

    Hair transplant in Punjab, this technique will help you get your natural hair back with an easy and long-lasting procedure. Consult with our doctor now and learn more about the possibility of a hair transplant for your hair loss treatment.

    Now, you should also know that according to experts for hair transplant in Ludhiana, young men in their early 20s are not the most suitable candidates for this type of hair fall treatment. The reason behind this dichotomy is that the hair loss pattern may or may not be fully developed yet to determine it.

    Before the doctor suggests the best Hair loss treatment, they would consider and look for various things such as hair loss pattern, type of hair fall, size of the balding, and the quality of the donor’s hair.

    Who Is Most Suitable For Hair Transplant Surgery?

    A hair transplant is suitable for all ages without psychological or physical disabilities. However, an ideal age ranges from 25 to 60 years. Hair restoration surgery that the surgeon performs within this range is more likely to have better success as compared to others. In some exceptional cases, you can seek approval from a higher authority to get hair transplantation surgery for people outside of this age range.

    Differences in hair transplant methods do not at any cost change the age limit of hair transplantation. Anyone can undergo hair transplantation only if the hair transplant area is suitable enough and the hair in the donor site and the recipient area should be healthy.

    Bio-Integrated FUE

    It is a hair transplant method that is very well known for its successful result, which is why the surgeon highly prefers this over other forms. There are many people who opt for the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method in order to achieve a more sleek and natural look. Moreover, with the FUE hair transplant surgery, no age limit is associated with it. The professional doctor would determine who is the most suitable candidate based on various factors, including the type of hair, before they further proceed with the hair loss treatment.

    Is Hair Transplant Surgery Reliable?

    Yes, it is pretty reliable if the doctor performs this procedure with clear preciseness and technique. It is also long-lasting with a natural look. Just like any other medical treatment procedure, it is also very reliable.