PRP Therapy And Its Outcome Based On Individual Hair Loss Issues

PRP Therapy and its effectiveness


    Are you searching for the most effective way to treat your hair loss? Then the first question that will brew in your mind is the effectiveness of the technique. Should you opt for PRP Therapy in Jalandhar? If yes, then you should know all the details regarding it for better understanding and results.

    Outcome From PRP Therapy Varies From Patient To Patient
    The main aspect of PRP is that it takes the serum that the doctor extracts from the blood to recover the hair growth. This is because the body’s immune system plays a big role in healing abilities. In case your hair follicles and the scalp do react to the whole treatment in a positive outlook, then it would be easy to have a long-lasting effect.

    Different Causes Of Hair Loss

    Before you jump into explaining how long PRP lasts for hair loss treatment, it is necessary to know that each patient’s hair loss condition and its cause are different, which changes the treatment and the results.

    These are some of the main reasons that could lead to hair loss nowadays. Based on the problem, the doctor will suggest treatment like FUE Hair Transplant In Punjab or PRP.

    1. Having some side effects from particular medication or even allergic reactions to specific chemicals.

    2. Androgenetic alopecia or genetic issues that your DNA dictates.

    3. Many people suffer from androgenetic alopecia. Both men and women experience this problem. In this problem, the patient’s body’s immune system begins to attack the hair follicles, stopping them from functioning and shrinking.

    4. People who are between the ages of 17 to 18 start to lose a lot of hair because of various reasons, including over-styling, poor nutritional diet, and environmental pollution that includes toxic chemicals in food, air, and even hair care products. If they do not take care of it from the start, they might become completely bald by age 22. Whereas others might take around 20 to 30 years more in order to lose all the hair.

    Factors That Influence The Result Of The Treatment

    There are various factors that can depend on multiple factors. And only one of which is genetic propensity. When you are discussing all the possibilities from the doctor about its procedure, these are some of the few things that you might learn about its effectiveness. This is why discussion is critical before you finalize the treatment.

    PRP Contraindications

    1. Most of the time, the doctors are very aware and careful when they suggest PRP therapy to their patients. And they will even run a battery test in order to make sure that they are the right candidate for the treatment. This also helps them to clear you of any PRP injection contraindication that might give you an outcome from the procedure that is only effective for some period of time.

    2. Doctors might investigate you about any prescription drugs you are taking or have taken. They might also ask you about other health conditions you might have as these factors might influence the result.

    3. They will also try to evaluate the real cause of hair loss for better results.