FUE hair transplant the truth behind the hair restoration treatment



    Hair transplant treatment

    Hair transplantation is one of the dramatic yet effective ways to restore hair growth. Indeed, in the last 5 decades, the treatment got much better through advanced techniques and the entire method. Most importantly the advanced method like FUE Hair Transplant In Punjab. During the treatment, the hair follicles are extracted one by one from the back of the scalp and then transplanted where hair growth is less.

    Fruitful side of FUE hair transplant

    If you talk about the fruitful side of FUE Hair Transplant in Jalandhar then there are endless points on which you can keep your attention. FUE is a surgical technique in which hair follicles are removed one by one using a special surgical tool and method. Additionally, it’s a minimally invasive approach that requires small circular punches around 1.0mm to take out the follicular units from the back of the scalp and transplant them back to the bald area.

    FUE hair transplant requires advanced surgical skills for the success of the procedure. So, to consistently obtain successful outcomes with natural-looking hairline, desired density, and eliminate the donor linear scarring, expertise in hair restoration is important. FUE treatment is pursued as a reliable choice for patients dealing with androgenetic alopecia i.e. male pattern baldness. The genetic condition that affects hair loss on the:

    • Temple points
    • Frontal hairline
    • Crown

    Aftercare is the central point of smooth recovery and desired results

    After the hair transplant, it’s important to follow every suggested step as told by the doctor. Be it medication, or some required procedure, follow everything with proper care. No doubt the hair transplant works effectively. But, some patients require more help than suggested biotin for hair growth. Make sure to consult the doctor before you take any kind of supplements.

    The expertise of a hair restoration surgeon is essential

    The hair restoration surgeon’s expertise and proper training regime are the crux of the patient’s successful results with a hair transplant. So, for the patient to get the most desirable results from the start to the end of surgery it’s essential to have an experienced hair restoration by their side. To search for an experienced hair restoration it’s important to have a look at a number of things like:

    • How many years of experience does the surgeon have?
    • Is he aware of the desired treatment plan?
    • What’s the success rate of hair transplant surgery?
    • Are there past patient reviews or video testimonials available on the website?
    • Does the surgeon allow you to have an initial consultation?

    Make sure to get every minute detail to increase the success rate of hair transplants and get the desired results on time.

    Final word

    Hair transplant surgery is an effective approach to restoring hair. If you want to plan for the process to end the hair loss problem once and for all then you should schedule an initial consultation at ASG Hair Transplant Centre to get the desired results on time. If there’s any doubt then make sure to get an answer for the same.