Should I undergo hair transplant treatment with or without finasteride?



    Hair transplant treatment – With or Without Finasteride

    Are you planning to undergo hair transplant treatment? But, there’s a concern about whether you get it with or without finasteride. Well, it’s a common thought that comes into the mind of many individuals. To plan for the journey of a life-changing approach of Hair Transplant in Ludhiana with the most appropriate plan, get supervision from the best doctor. Although to plan for hair transplant treatment, it’s essential to have enough healthy hair grafts. With that, it’s much easier to plan the treatment and attain natural-looking hair growth.

    Finasteride – Is it a myth, or does it works?

    Finasteride is considered a preventive approach against hair loss. The approach ideally works best among individuals who have started noticing hair loss at a young age. In the studies, its effects have been shown to be effective in preventing hair loss among men and women. For clarity on what’s right and wrong for your hair health, you need the doctor’s supervision. So, whether it’s to know the use of finasteride inappropriate manners or the Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab, get in touch with a hair restoration surgeon.

    Should I take finasteride after undergoing a hair transplant?

    The work of finasteride is effective in stopping hair loss that’s happening due to DHT. Its impact adversely affects the hair follicles adversely, and it’s an ongoing process. No doubt, it’s an effective means to work against hair loss in the long run by boosting hair density. But, to get the required results, you need to get the doctor’s expertise.

    Can I use finasteride before a hair transplant?

    YES! It’s completely okay to use finasteride before a hair transplant, and it won’t impact the results of the treatment. As per one of the studies, it has been denoted that the use of finasteride is effective against hair health when you apply the same for at least:

    • Four weeks before the hair transplant
    • Apply it for 48 weeks after the surgery

    The use of finasteride is known to show an improvement in hair growth between 64% to 96% to see the appropriate results. Indeed! Its use is effective with hair transplant, or even if you don’t use it, hair transplant still works effectively to show the required results.

    Can I stop finasteride after the hair transplant treatment?

    YES! The use of finasteride can be stopped after the treatment. There’s a possibility that the surgeon might ask you to stop the use a few weeks before the surgery to see the way hair loss occurs and what the hair’s natural state is.

    Final word

    The use of finasteride along with a hair transplant procedure is possible, or even if you want to avoid it, you can do that. Bear in mind to see the benefits of finasteride, you need to take it more than once. If you have confused about making the final call, then you better get the expertise of the hair restoration doctor at ASG Hair Transplant Centre.