Discover the Natural Elixir for growth of hair by Onion Juice

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    Many people turn to natural cures in the quest for healthy scalps and luscious locks and onion juice is such a remedy which is becoming more and more popular. Although it may seem strange to apply onion juice to your hair, the beauty and health world is becoming more interested in this unorthodox beauty treatment, due to its possible advantages. If you are looking for an easy method to regrow your new hairline, you can visit our Hair Transplant in Ludhiana

    Benefits of onion juice for hair 

    Hair growth stimulant

    Sulfur, which is rich in onion juice. It is a mineral that is considered to boost hair development by growing blood flow to hair follicles. Sulfur aids in the manufacture of collagen, which is necessary for hair strength and flexibility. 

    Dandruff and scalp Health 

    Because of its antimicrobial properties, onion juice prevents dandruff and other scalp issues. Regular applications aid in maintaining a clean, healthy scalp environment. 

    Prevention hair thinning 

    Onion contains antioxidants that may help shield hair follicles from oxidative stress, reducing the likelihood of hair breakage and thinning. 

    Natural hair conditioner

    As a natural conditioner, onion juice makes your hair shinier and easier to manage. It might help improve the texture and luster of your hair. Onion juice application for hair. 

    How to use onion juice for hair 

    Prepare the onion juice 

    Chop one or two onions into small pieces after peeling them. To extract the juice, use a blender or juicer. You can get a clear liquid free of onion particles and strain the juice. 


    When you get onion juice, you can use your fingertips and dip it into onion juice. Massage on your scalp. Achieve uniform dispersion from the tips to the roots. Allow the juice to seep into the hair follicles by leaving it on for thirty to sixty minutes. ‘

    Rinse and shampoo 

    After that, you can wash your hair with normal water. You can use light shampoo after that to get rid of the onion juice. After shampooing, you can use good herbal conditioners to make your hair smooth and shiny. 


    You can start with a small portion of your scalp. If you sense irritation, you can immediately go to the hair care doctor. If not, you can use it two times a week. You can use it according to your hair. If you overdose, use onion juice on your scalp then you might feel irritation and itching. 


    Patch test 

    Using it before, you can make sure you don’t have any negative side effects. You can try a patch test before putting this remedy all over your scalp. 

    Mix with other ingredients. 

    For a more palatable application experience, try combining the juice with honey, aloe vera or your favorite conditioner to cover up the overpowering onion juice. 

    Moderation is key 

    Apply the product once a week at first, and see how your hair reacts. Using too much could irritate your scalp. 

    Rinse thoroughly 

    You can make sure you completely rinse your hair following the suggested application period. Use a gentle shampoo afterward to get rid of the onion smell. 

    Condition as usual 

    After using this remedy, avoid leaving out the conditioning phase. It supports the preservation of your hair’s suppleness. 

    Incorporating onion juice into your hair care habit can be a natural and cost-effective method to manage various hair concerns. While the smell may be off-putting, the potential benefits make it worthy of your beauty regimen. If you have an allergic reaction using this remedy, you can get a hair Transplant In Jalandhar at ASG Hair Transplant Centre.