5 unknown facts that you must know about the hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant in Ludhiana,


    There are so many hair restoration methods, which aim at restoring the youthful look among people who are suffering from baldness. Hair transplant in Punjab is a much required surgical procedure for hair loss patients. Those who are suffering from baldness do not think of getting the hair transplant done because they have pre-assumed many aspects about this procedure like hair transplant cost in India and many more. But it is advised to the hair loss patients not to expect anything from the procedure without knowing about it from qualified doctors. 

    Hair transplant is not for everyone 

    No doubt, the hair transplant procedure is made for all those people who are suffering from baldness. But not every bald person can undergo this procedure. Based on the eligibility criteria, it is decided whether the individual is eligible to undergo the procedure or not. Following are a few credentials of the eligibility criteria: 

    • The person should not be under 18
    • The hair loss patient should not be suffering from any kind of the heart disease 
    • The donor is of the patient should be having enough hair for the transplantation 

    The donor area should be having the same DNA

    This question is asked by many patients, whether some other person could donate hair for us or not. But no! There is a  scientific reason behind this as only the patient who intends to undergo the hair transplant procedure is eligible to donate hair to the transplant in the bald zone. It is because of the constraint of DNA. For the hair transplantation process, both the donor area and the recipient must have the same DNA. 

    Cost of the procedure 

    The cost of the procedure may vary from region to region. The cost of the procedure may depend upon the following factors: 

    • The location of the clinic 
    • The bald and the donor area
    • The cost of the grafts

    There are a lot of approaches 

    To accomplish the hair transplantation procedure, there are a lot of approaches. The predominant of them are mentioned below: 

    • FUE 
    • FUT
    • Bio FUE 

    The results can be experienced with the combined efforts 

    To bring about the desired results in the hair transplantation procedure, the efforts of both the doctors and the patients are taken into account. The patient should not consider the journey of the hair transplantation complete with the termination of the procedure. After the completion of the procedure, the role of the patient is vital to attain the desired results. The patient must be 100% to make most of the recovery period by following the necessary preventive measures. 

    Bottom Line

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